Artmash mixer for the production of animal feed, feed mixer - 45457

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The manufacturer of agricultural equipment LLC Artmash offers a horizontal feed mixer with two counter belt mixers. Allows you to prepare a homogeneous mixture (96%) of feed, dietary supplements, premix, vitamins. Mixing occurs within 6 minutes; continuous operation is possible. Unloading of processed raw materials is carried out at the end, which allows the use of a dosed feed screw in the kit, after which it can be sent for granulation. The feed mixer is controlled by 1 operator. A horizontal mixer will help saturate the feed with useful additives, balance the diet of animals, and ensure the growth of healthy livestock and poultry. Video with reviews of our customers Characteristics of the horizontal mixer for the production of animal feed: Motor: 4 kW; Hopper volume: 0.6 cubic meters; Productivity: 1 ton per hour; Weight: 280 kg. Dimensions: LxWxH 1702 * 750 * 1900 m.
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