Granulator feed Artmash 380 V, 11 kW, 1500 rpm
Granulator feed Artmash 380 V, 11 kW, 1500 rpm
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LLC Artmash offers you a feed granulator 380 V, 11 kW of its own production. Main advantages of our universal granulator: the matrix (die) is made of steel 20X with subsequent cementation in a thermal furnace. The hardness of the surface layer of the metal, as well as the walls of the hole 62 HRC (bearing hardness) is achieved, which ensures wear resistance for years of operation of the granulator; rollers are made in the same way as the matrix; the mechanism used involute helical gear transmission. Compared to spur gears, helical gear achieves a significantly lower noise level of the product, as well as greater transmission durability; in order to avoid engine overload, we have provided a thermal relay, which will timely turn off the engine in case of overheating; each granulator is tested for defects and repaired before painting and selling; All nodes are made in-house with a check of quality control. parts that are subjected to heavy loads are made of alloy steels, followed by heat treatment. Video with reviews of our customers Characteristics of a feed granulator 380 V, 11 kW: Voltage: 380 V; Engine power: 11 kW, 1500 rpm; Productivity: grain feed 150-200 kg / h, straw 100 kg / h, sunflower husk 150-200 kg / h; Granule diameter: 2-8 mm; Diameter of the matrix: 200; Granulator weight: 230 kg; Dimensions: D1050 * W400 * H1000 mm.
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