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Food & agro machinery, equipment, Food Machinery,Equipments, Livestock machinery, equipments, Industrial Equipments and Machines, Woodworking Machinery, Agriculture Machinery & Equipment, Agricultural electronics, equipment for measuring, Livestock Equipments Ukraine, ул. Барляева

Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of equipment for the production of granular feed and fuel pellets in Ukraine. In addition, we are a leading manufacturer of rack and pinion splitters in Ukraine and the CIS countries. We provide our customers with both the supply of individual equipment, and complete the entire production line of loose and granular feed. Before painting and selling all our equipment is tested for defects and their subsequent elimination. All nodes are made in-house with an inspection of quality control. Parts that are subjected to heavy loads are made of alloy steels, followed by heat treatment. Today, our company exports equipment to Belarus, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, the Czech Republic, Poland, etc.

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