The conveyor (conveyor) for Artmash firewood (under the wood splitter line) - 45454

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The Artmash plant offers a straw, hay, bulrush and other grass shredder with a capacity of 18.5 kW. The 18.5 kW industrial straw chopper is equipped with a cyclone for dust screening and a table for convenient bale feeding. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE INDUSTRIAL GRINDER Voltage: 380 V Engine power: 18.5 kW, 1500 rpm Productivity: 1000 kg / hour Mesh Diameter: 4.6.8mm Weight: 250 kg Dimensions: 1450 * 1000 * 1050 mm IMPORTANT + All units are made of quality steel. + The chopper rotor is equipped with John Deere branded knives made in the USA. + Each product is tested by quality control. + Warranty for equipment - 12 months. Video work:
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