Artmash electric 380 V woodchoppers - 45455

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Electric wood splitter Artmash 380 V is a rack and pinion model of an electromechanical splitter, adapted for connection to a three-phase network. Such a wood chopping machine is optimal for utilities and enterprises using solid fuel boilers. You will like the electric wood splitter Artmash 380 V, because it: completely safe to use. The manufacturer received a European СЄ certificate for a firewood preparation machine; stabs quickly, the split cycle is only 1.5 seconds. 20 cubic meters of firewood per shift is the usual norm for this unit; serves for a long time and without breakdowns. The design is well thought out, the parts subject to wear are made of stainless steel 18KhGT, are hardened and cemented. The splitting knife itself retains its properties throughout the life of the machine, the gear rack requires only periodic recovery. Thermal protection is installed on the motor; copes not only with birch logs, but also with knotty oak. All this thanks to a force of 12 tons and a friction clutch protecting the engine. To overcome a hard knot, it is enough just to make two hits; consumes a minimum of energy or fuel, since the impact force is provided not by the efforts of the motor, but by the inertia of the heavy flywheels; Suitable for splitting firewood with a diameter and length of up to 500 mm. At the same time, even when loading such heavy chocks, a good stability of the machine is ensured. The guaranteed service life of the electric wood splitter Artmash 380 V is 12 months. At the end of this period, you can always contact the manufacturer if you need to consult or replace consumables.
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