Submersible drainage pump VPEN
Submersible drainage pump VPEN
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There are other marine pumps as well. For more information please contact. Electric submersible centrifugal electric pumping units VPEN 100/20 and VPEN 100/30 water contaminated with waste oil products, with a temperature not exceeding 70 ° С from flooded premises of ships. The pumped-out sea water may contain impurities of water contaminated with oil products and have a temperature of up to 70 ° C. In emergency or abnormal situations, it can be used as an auxiliary means of water supply or drainage. Table 1. Main technical data Name of parts Material Brand Normative and technical documentation Vane elbowWorking wheelBearing shields Ordinary version SCH 15 GOST 1412-85 Electric pump housing Art. 3 GOST 16532-70 Blade outletWorking wheel Bearing shields Special version Bronze BrOTsS5-5-5 GOST 613-79 Electric pump housing Art. 12Х18Н10Т GOST 5632-72
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Submersible drainage pump VPEN - 71666

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