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Jodhpur, India
USD 6.75 - 7.75/pcs
Indian Pouf Square Indian Handmade Patchwork Vintage Squre Cushion Cover Home Decorative Floor Cushion Cover Pouf Ottoman Cover Throw.Not*- We sell only Cover Not with Filler.PRODUCT DETAIL :-Item Name : Patchwork Floor PillowSize :16X16X5 Inches ( Length X width X height )18X18X5 inches ( Length X width X height )22X22X5 inches ( Length X width X height )32X32X6 inches ( Length X width X height )Material : Cotton / PatchworkColor : Same as PictureUsage : Floor Pillow, Decorative Cushion, Home Decor PillowBack Size :- Matching Color Lining With Zipper Closer For Insert Filler.Gorgeous handcrafted floor pillow/cushion cover, tapestry .These are authentic styles beautiful cushion studded with Heavy Embroidery, In this cover Vintage patches from old, valuable wedding saris & dresses are patched and stitched together at random to create a collage like effect and decorated with all kinds of colored mirrors, threads
USD 16.56/pcs 16.56
Type: wall-mounted Dimensions: 80 x 48 cm Stand material: PVC plastic (3 mm) Pockets material: transparent plastic (0.3 mm) Pockets format: A4 Number of pockets: 4 Weight: 1.4 kg Includes: Feedback and suggestions book, trade rules, consumer protection with Sample applications A buyer's corner for individual entrepreneurs with documents for 3 pockets is an ideal economical solution for business. The proposed option has convenient pockets for placing all the necessary brochures, information about the individual entrepreneur.
USD 19.41/pcs 19.41
Material: plastic, acrylicSize: 230 x 320 mmProducer: Russia The anti-reflective coating of the frames provides a comfortable reading of materials, regardless of the lighting.
USD 0.96/pcs 0.96
Size: 210 x 300 mmMaterial: transparent plastic 0.7mmProducer: RussiaPackaging: protective plastic film Please note: stands are sold in boxes of 50 pieces. A4 vertical stand - versatile POS design. It can be used on horizontal surfaces in sales areas, on tables in cafes and restaurants, receptions, banks and hotels. Impact-resistant transparent plastic will help to unobtrusively convey advertising information, present it in a favorable light and will encourage the buyer to make a deal.
USD 8.44/pcs 8.44
Type: desktopSize HxWxD: 200 x 200 x 150 mmMaterial: shockproof transparent plasticThickness: 2mmManufacturer: RussiaPackaging: yesAdditional: slot format 130 x 5mm The design of the voting box is made taking into account maximum safety for the contents, and the material itself is characterized by anti-vandal properties. The transparency of the material will attract those wishing to participate in your campaign and charity. The tabletop ballot box is made of high-strength plastic, has a convenient slot of 130 × 5 mm. The box is locked with a lock, two keys included.
USD 19.18/pcs 19.18
Type: wall-mounted Dimensions: 70 x 80 cm Stand material: PVC plastic (3 mm) Pockets material: transparent plastic (0.3 mm) Pockets format: A4 Number of pockets: 6 Weight: 2.1 kg Information stand with 6 A4 pockets - a design that demonstrates attentiveness to every person. The presence of six pockets makes it possible to inform employees, clients about working conditions, cooperation, talk about vacations or share other important information. Stands with 6 pockets are used in offices, in industrial production, in retail premises, and in public catering places.
USD 2.72/pcs 2.72
Type: desktopMaterial: transparent plasticSize: 210 x 297 mmThickness: 1 mmFormat: A4Manufacturer: RussiaPackaging: polyethylene film Minimum batch of 10 pieces! Menuholder A4 is a universal advertising structure. It can be used on horizontal surfaces in salesrooms, receptions, banks and hotels, on tables in cafes and restaurants. Thanks to the stylish design, you will be able to unobtrusively convey the advertising material, present it in a favorable light and encourage the buyer to make a deal.
USD 0.02/pcs 0.02
Fastening element: double-sided white tape, colored borderSize: 310 x 225 mm Thickness: 0.3 mm Format: A4 Material: transparent plastic Producer: Russia Note: Pockets are sold in packs of 50 pcs Self-adhesive information pocket for printing products in plastic format 0.3 mm thick decorated with a color frame of your choice. A stand pocket is a universal product designed for placing and quickly replacing paper materials: documents, instructions, diagrams.
USD 200.0/pcs 200.0
Style No. : 4429HDN This simple wood riser lifts your laptop notebooks up, keeps it from overheating, and provide a better angle while you are working on it. Size: 69 x 38 x 35mm (each) Available in natural beech color, mahogany red color and walnut brown color
USD 200.0/pcs 200.0
Style No. : 4507KPN An easy way to display globes, it is light weight, and very educational. 4507p Cylinder 4508p Trapezoid 92 x 85 x 178mm Packing: 48 Pcs / 10.5 Kgs / 3.2 Cuf't
USD 200.0/pcs 200.0
Style No. : 8641WJN/8642WJN This beautiful clock imitates the look of a mechanical clock, brings out a classic touch to it. Available in Arched and Squred shape.   8641WJN Arched SIZE:140X57X163mmH 8642WJN Square SIZE:140X57X163mmH Qty/Ctn: 30pcs Weight/Ctn: 17.5 Kgs Meas/Ctn: 2.2 Cub'f
USD 200.0/pcs 200.0
Style No: 3457WHN To advance your surrouding environment is the purpose of Bestar's Decor line. With our perfectly designed collection, it surly will help brighten up your everyday life. This tray set comes with 7 trays ranging from small to large.   S : 200*150*25mmH M : 300*200*30mmH L : 400*300*45mmH Color :  Available in walnut/ beech/ bamboo
USD 200.0/pcs 200.0
Style No. : 2860WDN / 2861HDN An elegant wooden magazine holder that keeps files and magazines well organized is available in single rack or double rack.   2860D Single: 265x75x300mm 2861D Double: 265x145x300mm
USD 200.0/pcs 200.0
Style No. : 0247FDU Life is about being at a balance, the design of this Parallel desk set is to enrich your work space, and a reminder to relax after work.   Qty/Ctn: 3 Sets Weight/Ctn: 15 Kgs Meas/Ctn: 2.6 Cub'f
Specify the price USD 0 0
Features: 100% handmade 24K real gold painted, gilt, gilded glass vase Product dimensions: 110x110mm or 140x140mm Use of: Knowing that our products will be carefully kept , add beauty to the living spaces for years, are the antiques of the future, makes us to do our job lovingly. Since our products are handmade, they are all different and unique in their details. Our products are a decorative elegant object for table and coffee table top, customizing living spaces such as home and office. It can be used with real and artificial flowers or simply. It is a perfect gift for mothers and fathers, friends, lovers for special occasions like mother's day, father's day, christmas, birthday. Production: We apply relief relief patterns on handmade glass products first. Then, by applying 24K real gold paint and firing at 600C, we ensure that the gold mineral is fixed to the glass and gains its brightness. Every stage of production is done manually. Since we do not make a fabricated production, each product is different and unique in each other. Our products are 100% made in Turkey. We can also apply the patterns and logo designs you want to our products. ZER-RIN brand: As ZER-RIN, we offer our 100% handmade high quality products with a focus on customer satisfaction. We have brand labels fixed on our products as relief. Our logo writes the year of production, the model and the number of products produced. An average of 50-100 pieces are produced from each of our designs. It will further increase its value over the years.
Хабаровск, Russia
USD 1.15/pcs 1.15
USD 0.01 - 2.02/pcs
Амортизаторы для шкафов и ящиков
USD 3.95 - 3180.17/pcs
ZMV-PRO press for assembling GRASS NOVA PRO boxes Device for assembling GRASS NOVA PRO boxes Template for guides Template for installing hinges and strikers Conductor Template for attaching the facade to lifting mechanisms Kinvaro F-20, S-35, L-80, T- 65
USD 29.69 - 171.28/pcs
Calibers of the clamp are not adjustable , means of measurement and control of conformity of real dimensions of the surface of the location and shape of products, established by the regulations. The use of calibers for shafts, outer planes and dimensions is economically justified in serial and mass production. Calibers are divided into limit and normal. Calibers not adjustable < / u> - means of measurement and control of the conformity of the actual dimensions of the surface of the location and shape of products, established by the regulations. Executive dimensions: GOST 21401-75 Design and dimensions: GOST 18355-73, GOST 18356-73, GOST 18358- 93, GOST 18360-93, GOST 18367-93. Tolerances: GOST 2015-84

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