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USD 24.39/pcs 24.39
During life, every person periodically tests his luck by participating in various promotions, drawings and lotteries. For any such event, special equipment is needed - a drawing drum, inside of which lottery tickets, colorful balls and balls with numbers are placed. We produce desktop lottery drums and drums for drawing and lottery. All products are made of durable plastic. You can choose a ready-made model or order a lottery drum according to your needs.
USD 1.88/pcs 1.88
View: desktop. Material: transparent plasticSize: 148 x 210 mm Thickness: 0.7 mm Format: A5. Manufacturer: Russia. Packing: polyethylene film. We sell menu holders in boxes! There are 10 pieces in a box. Menu holder A5 made of transparent plastic 0.7 mm thick is used to securely fix the menu. Made of impact-resistant plastic, the menu holder is not subject to deformation from humidity, temperature changes and accidental drops. On our website, you can buy inexpensive menu holders in A4, A3 and 1/3 from A4 formats with delivery in Moscow or pickup.
USD 1.52/pcs 1.52
Mounting element: screws Size: 215 x 270 mm Thickness: 0.7 mm Format: A4 Material: transparent plastic. Manufacturer: RussiaA4 pocket with a thickness of 0.7 mm for a stack of sheets for stands is made of transparent impact-resistant plastic, has decent performance characteristics: it is resistant to humidity and temperature changes, for placement on stands inside and outside the room.
USD 129.57/pcs 129.57
A double-sided advertising pillar is made in the form of a small stand on a metal stand, which adds stability to it, the base can be weighted with paving slabs. The pillar has a number of advantages: - good visibility against the background of other advertising structures; - the ability to be placed in almost any convenient place; - relatively low cost due to the simplicity of manufacturing technology; We will prepare for you a bright and colorful layout, which will attract a considerable number of customers to the point of sale or service point. You can buy an advertising coffee pillar with delivery in Moscow or by pickup.
USD 22.1/pcs 22.1
Type: wall-mounted Dimensions: 80 x 48 cm Stand material: PVC plastic (3 mm) Pockets material: transparent plastic (0.3 mm) Pockets format: A4 Number of pockets: 4 Weight: 1.4 kg Includes: Feedback and suggestions book, trade rules, consumer protection with Sample applications A buyer's corner for individual entrepreneurs with documents for 3 pockets is an ideal economical solution for business. The proposed option has convenient pockets for placing all the necessary brochures, information about the individual entrepreneur.
USD 25.91/pcs 25.91
Material: plastic, acrylicSize: 230 x 320 mmProducer: Russia The anti-reflective coating of the frames provides a comfortable reading of materials, regardless of the lighting.
USD 1.28/pcs 1.28
Size: 210 x 300 mmMaterial: transparent plastic 0.7mmProducer: RussiaPackaging: protective plastic film Please note: stands are sold in boxes of 50 pieces. A4 vertical stand - versatile POS design. It can be used on horizontal surfaces in sales areas, on tables in cafes and restaurants, receptions, banks and hotels. Impact-resistant transparent plastic will help to unobtrusively convey advertising information, present it in a favorable light and will encourage the buyer to make a deal.
USD 68.6/pcs 68.6
Type: outdoorMaterial: metalSize of the pillar HxW: 130 x 60 cmIn the picture there is a variant of the layout, during production there will be an image with your advertisement. The two-sided street pillar of a small size 130 x 60 cm is distinguished by its low cost in comparison with advertising banners and stretch marks, simplicity and ease of installation, compactness and mobility, which allows you to quickly change the place of placement, and durability thanks to durable materials. - the guarantee of a quick payback of the purchased advertising medium.
USD 11.27/pcs 11.27
Type: desktopSize HxWxD: 200 x 200 x 150 mmMaterial: shockproof transparent plasticThickness: 2mmManufacturer: RussiaPackaging: yesAdditional: slot format 130 x 5mm The design of the voting box is made taking into account maximum safety for the contents, and the material itself is characterized by anti-vandal properties. The transparency of the material will attract those wishing to participate in your campaign and charity. The tabletop ballot box is made of high-strength plastic, has a convenient slot of 130 × 5 mm. The box is locked with a lock, two keys included.
USD 25.61/pcs 25.61
Type: wall-mounted Dimensions: 70 x 80 cm Stand material: PVC plastic (3 mm) Pockets material: transparent plastic (0.3 mm) Pockets format: A4 Number of pockets: 6 Weight: 2.1 kg Information stand with 6 A4 pockets - a design that demonstrates attentiveness to every person. The presence of six pockets makes it possible to inform employees, clients about working conditions, cooperation, talk about vacations or share other important information. Stands with 6 pockets are used in offices, in industrial production, in retail premises, and in public catering places.
USD 3.63/pcs 3.63
Type: desktopMaterial: transparent plasticSize: 210 x 297 mmThickness: 1 mmFormat: A4Manufacturer: RussiaPackaging: polyethylene film Minimum batch of 10 pieces! Menuholder A4 is a universal advertising structure. It can be used on horizontal surfaces in salesrooms, receptions, banks and hotels, on tables in cafes and restaurants. Thanks to the stylish design, you will be able to unobtrusively convey the advertising material, present it in a favorable light and encourage the buyer to make a deal.
USD 0.58/pcs 0.58
Type: desktopSize: WxH 149 x 210 mm Thickness: 0.7 mmMaterial: transparent plasticManufacturer: RussiaPackaging: plastic film Pay attention! Price holders are sold in boxes of 50 pieces. To focus on a product at a point of sale, you need to highlight it with a bright price tag. A5 vertical price holder, which can be easily placed on a showcase, on a stand or on a shelf in the hall, can help in this. Compact and lightweight, it does not take up much space, and its long service life will certainly delight the owner.
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The activities of our company are aimed at the manufacture and sale of modern products from plexiglass: pockets for stands, boxes for donations, menu holders, business card holders, lottery machines, wall and table booklet holders, price holders and stands for goods of different formats and products made to your size.

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