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USD 100.0/pcs 100.0
  Buying furniture in China Our scheme of work related to the purchase of furniture in China, for more than 13 years, has been perfected to the smallest detail.With the help of our specialists, we helped to select, buy and deliver furniture from China to clients from Russia, Kazakhstan, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, America, etc. With the help of JINHAO, you will significantly save your budget and time. Thorough knowledge of everything about the choice of furniture in China, a developed database of reliable suppliers, will help you in purchasing truly high-quality furniture from luxury to budget options. Assistance in transferring and exchanging funds through our offshore company in China. Competent preparation of accompanying documents will help you avoid problems with the export of purchased goods from China. Own warehouses for collection, packaging and further shipment to the desired location.
USD 59.64 - 71.01/pcs
We make a rocking chair from different fabrics. There is an elastic band at the bottom of the chair.
USD 1.16 - 13.92/pcs
Professional company with 10 years experience in tailoring craft offer garden cushion, quilted. Waterproof material, made from codura. If you have any question about this product feel free to ask. Price is for pillow with dimensions: 42x42 cm 100x50 cm €6,80 120x50 cm €9,00 150x50 cm €11,30 180x50 cm €12,40  
Краснодар, Russia
Specify the price USD 0 0
The body is made of moisture-resistant chipboard, covered with white enamel in two layers, Boyard fittings with a hidden cuff, a washbasin made of cast marble.
Краснодар, Russia
Specify the price USD 0 0
The body is completely made of MDF, covered with white enamel in two layers, Boyard fittings with a hidden cuff, a washbasin made of cast marble.
USD 1015.38/pcs 1015.38
Д*Г*В 3000*1600*760
USD 313.85/pcs 313.85
Д*Г*В 600*580*910 1200*580*910
USD 269.82/pcs 269.82
Д*Г*В 615*700*720
USD 340.83/pcs 340.83
Д*Г*В 600*600*800
USD 255.62/pcs 255.62
Д*Г*В 630*695*800
USD 258.46/pcs 258.46
Д*Г*В 900*780*700 1400*780*700 1900*780*700
USD 468.64/pcs 468.64
Д*Г*В 900*780*700 1400*780*700 1900*780*700
USD 468.64/pcs 468.64
Д*Г*В 820*850*750 1520*850*750 1920*850*750 820*850*1290 1520*850*1290 1920*850*1290
USD 539.64/pcs 539.64
700*700*1450 1400*700*1450 1900*700*1450
USD 482.84/pcs 482.84
The back of the model has smooth curves that give a pleasant feeling while relaxing. Solid armrests give a feeling of comfort. Slim but very strong legs complete this symphony of style.
USD 553.85/pcs 553.85
The sofa seat frame has an ergonomic and orthopedic effect due to the use of elastic straps. The soft element of the seat is made using two types of polyurethane foam and synthetic winterizer. Thin polyurethane foam and synthetic winterizer for softness and relief.
USD 468.64/pcs 468.64
750*840*910 1200*840*910 1770*840*910
USD 411.83/pcs 411.83
940*700*650 1540*700*650 1940*700*650
USD 497.04/pcs 497.04
Easy armchair. Can have several sizes: (L*D*H) 850*920*970 1400*920*970 1950*920*970
USD 589.35/pcs 589.35
An effective design sofa "Karite" will fit into the style of any room. The main difference between the model is the same height of the back and armrests. The seat and back of the product are a relief surface, which gives the sofa originality and solidity.
USD 624.85/pcs 624.85
A cozy designer sofa will become a bright accent in the interior. The high back of the product is decorated with horizontal lines trimmed with elastic filler. The lower part of the sofa is a comfortable seat with cushions. The design will fit into different interior styles and bring more comfort to it. Such a model, of course, will find application not only in residential, but also in public buildings. Elegant luxury, elegance and sophistication, ergonomics and special comfort - all these qualities are embodied in one exclusive product.
USD 129.23/pcs 129.23
Design chair, made in a modern minimalist style, will be a harmonious addition to your interior. Simplicity of design, clarity of lines, lack of armrests make the product an easy and concise solution. Due to the absence of bulky parts, the chair does not burden the space and acts as a basic element of the interior. The model will harmoniously fit into the space and can be used in residential buildings, apartments, modern offices, restaurants, beauty salons and other premises where there is a minimalist style. The modern color scheme of the product will bring the necessary accents to the interior.
USD 241.42/pcs 241.42
An armchair without armrests on a wooden base does not overload the space and serves as an ideal base in the interior. The absence of unnecessary details, clear lines, correct design are the main features of the laconic minimalism that is so popular today. A simple chair not overloaded with unnecessary elements will become no less comfortable and ergonomic piece of furniture than products with armrests and numerous pillows. Monochromatic upholstery combined with a wood base looks expensive and presentable. Such a model will appeal to modern people who appreciate conciseness, rigor, naturalness and naturalness.
USD 2769.23/pcs 2769.23
A luxurious designer sofa on a wooden frame will make the interior cozy and comfortable. High-quality modern upholstery fabrics are characterized by a long period of operation and increased density. The elegant model will harmoniously fit into any style of an interior. The sofa can be used to relax, sleep or serve as a comfortable place for gatherings with guests. Convenient and comfortable model is the favorite of our customers and the embodiment of the impeccable taste of the owners. This is luxury and elegance worthy of you!
USD 461.54/pcs 461.54
A stylish sofa of an unusual configuration will be a great addition to any interior. The product will successfully fit into public spaces: hairdressing salons, salons, business centers and will look good in the house. Correct geometric lines and at the same time crazy, unusual shapes for furniture make the piece of furniture exclusive and unique. Due to its execution style, the model will fit into any style of modern interior: minimalism, hi-tech, futurism, etc. Original color options and non-standard design distinguish the model from the rest and make it a profitable purchase solution.
USD 241.42/pcs 241.42
An ultra-modern design armchair with a geometric pattern will harmoniously fit into the newfangled interior and become its multifunctional part. Clarity of lines, simplicity and minimalism are in fashion, which fully embodies this product. A simple, uncomplicated design, the correct lines of the seat, back and armrests, the absence of unnecessary details and the original ornament make the chair ergonomic and stylish. The model looks spectacular in a variety of color variations. The geometric pattern on the back gives it originality and modernity. Due to its practicality and versatility, the model will be used in any interior style.
USD 482.84/pcs 482.84
Designed genuine leather sofa is the best solution to emphasize the status of the owner. Leather furniture is a classic epitome of luxury. It perfectly harmonizes with a variety of interior styles, and is also an indisputable guarantor of high quality, durability and reliability. Clear lines of classical forms give the product a special elegance, and the presence of high wooden legs, in addition to the main function of the support, emphasizes the uniqueness of this model. Such a sofa will find application in a variety of interiors and will look spectacular in the manager's office.
USD 589.35/pcs 589.35
An original designer armchair will become a bright accent of your interior. The unusual design is a solution in the form of a spectacular backrest that imitates green bamboo stems and a blue trapezoidal seat. The combination of two bright colors looks very impressive and fashionable. Due to strict lines, laconic style of performance, lack of unnecessary details, the product will fit into any interior and become its harmonious addition. Classic wooden legs give the model a special elegance and sophistication. Allow yourself to be original, because you deserve it!
USD 575.15/pcs 575.15
Restrained and laconic minimalist sofa is the best fit for modern apartments. Genius is in simplicity, and this model is a clear confirmation of this statement. Clear geometric lines, laconic design, ergonomics and no frills make the product a multifunctional and attractive part of the interior. A comfortable sofa on a wooden base looks great in both fabric and leather upholstery. By purchasing furniture in the style of minimalism, you bring a touch of serene calm and harmony into the interior. Elegance and light asceticism allow you to create your own special world, endowed with comfort and luxury.
USD 199.53/pcs 199.53
A unique transforming chair will become a multifunctional and practical piece of furniture. The original design solution makes the product exclusive and ultra-modern. Comfortable seating, comfortable and pleasant upholstery, a wooden mini-table with a bedside table, and high white legs make this design an ideal solution for use in modern offices, beauty salons, waiting rooms. Looking for a unique chair for your home? The model will fit into any interior and will become its practical and stylish addition. Presentability, versatility and practicality - exactly what you need!
USD 600.0/pcs 600.0
An exclusive and non-standard designer chair will become a highlight of the interior. Unusual and at the same time versatile design is the best idea for people with a good sense of style and taste. This model will undoubtedly become an indispensable item in a beauty salon, modern office, cafe or restaurant. Interesting colors, original wooden legs and the absence of unnecessary details make the chair unique in its kind and inimitable piece of furniture. In addition, exclusive things always look expensive and allow you to place the necessary accents when designing a room. Forget about boring chairs of standard shapes, because originality suits you so much!
USD 830.77/pcs 830.77
An eye-catching designer sofa will fit into the style of any space, both commercial and residential. The extraordinary design of this model will appeal to extravagant and at the same time practical individuals. The main difference between the model is the same height of the back and armrests. The seat and back of the product are a relief surface, which gives the sofa originality and solidity. Thanks to the universal color shades and the classic style of execution, the sofa will become a harmonious addition to any style of interior. The wooden frame of the model, combined with conservative legs, provides elegance and luxury.
USD 581.54/pcs 581.54
KAEF Armchair
USD 996.92/pcs 996.92
Space sofas. Dimensions: 1000*890*770 1600*890*770 1120*890*770

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