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USD 2.7/pcs 2.7
Microwave cape 90*30 light size Microwave cape 100*30 standard size
USD 3.9/pcs 3.9
Washing machine cover light size 140*55 Washing machine cover standart size 130*50
USD 2.0/pcs 2.0
Organizer for socks accordion 01(felt)
USD 2.0/pcs 2.0
Organizer for bags double 95*40
USD 3.4/pcs 3.4
unique+wiper apron
USD 1.5/pcs 1.5
Washing net small 33*27
USD 1.7/pcs 1.7
Large laundry net 47*43
USD 1.4/pcs 1.4
Ironing net 90*40
USD 12.5/pcs 12.5
The Elde jok ironing board is suitable for steam generators and irons and is indispensable in the household. ELDE JOK IRONING BOARD Specifications: Working surface size: 1030x304mm 2 height positions: 0.7m and 0.8m Removable cover There is an iron stand Dimensions in the package: 400x1360x60 mm Gross weight: 5.25 kg
USD 12.5/pcs 12.5
The clothes dryer is equipped with long bars on which you can place towels, duvet covers and other large items. Thanks to the folding design, the model does not take up much space when stored and fits easily into a closet or pantry. The case made of durable metal alloy is resistant to deformation from mechanical stress, has a special anti-corrosion coating and is distinguished by a long service life. The linen dries quickly, as there is a small distance between the crossbars, providing free access of air. Parallel legs provide a stable position of the model during operation.
USD 8.5/pcs 8.5
Barbecue of our own production disassembled and compact ECO GRILL R6 Specifications: Brazier size: 434x270x405mm Collapsible: yes ECO GRILL R8 TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Brazier size: 564x270x405mm Collapsible: yes ECO GRILL R10 TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Brazier size: 694x270mm >
USD 2.5/pcs 2.5
Romi 1 bracket Specifications: Wall type Screen size 15-47 Tilt angle no, fixed Maximum load 40 Distance from the wall 20mm Romi 2 bracket Specifications: Wall type Screen size 26-63 Tilt angle no, fixed Maximum load up to 50 kg Distance from wall 20mm
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The Matkasymov company was founded in the recent 2014. At the beginning of its activity, our company was focused on the production of only antennas. We are currently producing other household products, such as: ironing boards, TV and air conditioner brackets, all kinds of antennas, clothes dryers, electrical panels, gas shields, etc. In 2019, in the context of a complete collapse due to Covid-19, the company aimed at creating conditions for reducing the growth of the disease, and began the production of elbow and foot-operated antiseptic dispensers, tunnels for treating people in public places, as well as recirculators for disinfecting premises. During the pandemic, the Matkasymov company did not stand aside, providing its products for charity purposes for temporary hospitals and hospitals. Today, our products are in demand not only in the domestic market of the Kyrgyz Republic, but also in the territories of neighboring countries. The Matkasymov company intends to conquer the world market with quality, and is always ready to improve its products.

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