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Kitchen appliances in bulk on Qoovee

Семенов, Russia
USD 0.93/pcs 0.93
Traditional Khokhloma wooden spoons are gaining popularity not only as original and original souvenir products, but also in the form of products that have practical applications as kitchen utensils.Please note that the manufacture of wooden spoons is carried out by the company's specialists in accordance with technological standards. We follow the traditions of our ancestors in creating magnificent wood products. In production we use environmentally friendly and safe food-grade materials. In the end, you can use wooden spoons for food.Size: 19.5 * 6 cm.You can get spoons from the manufacturer in the company ABRIS LLC. We work without intermediaries, so we do not overcharge. Like all other products of our company (nesting dolls, ladles, cutting boards, magnets and key chains, etc.), spoons are produced using unique technologies by experienced craftsmen of craftsmanship. In view of this, the products we offer are in really high demand in many regions of Russia, Europe and Asia.
Ningbo, China
USD 0.35/pcs 0.35
Glass or crystal vessel for drinks, large shot glass. There are glasses: for champagne; for fruit and berry juices, fruit and berry cocktails with ice cream or milkshakes.
Specify the price USD 0 0
French Sabatier knives. Keeping the best traditions of European hand made since 1884
USD 1.0 - 6.8/pcs
Spun Bamboo Bowl, Cereal Bowl, Handmade Bowl – your reliable choice in kitchen utensils. HandiPassion Joint Stock Company proudly presents these eco-friendly bamboo bowls, spun with care, offering customization in color, size, and style. Our handcrafted bowls, supplied from Vietnam, come in natural or customized colors, and they are meticulously packed for safe delivery. These bowls are woven by hand, ensuring a natural and consumer-friendly product that easily decomposes, making them the ideal choice for any eco-conscious user. Spun Bamboo Bowl, Cereal Bowl, Handmade Bowl, Model Number HP-OTH027, are perfect for various kitchen needs, combining style with sustainability. With these bowls, you not only enhance your kitchen but also contribute to a greener environment. Size: customized Color: natural or customized Material: bamboo Packing: paper, polybag or gift box packed in 3-5-7 ply carton or materials buyers require Feature: totally woven by hands, safe and friendly to nature & consumers, easily self-destroyed
Leicester, United Kingdom
USD 25.0/pcs 25.0
Kitchen accessories, diamond sharpening stone set, magnetic fixation, four types of grinding angles, sharpener, toggle switch.
USD 3.0 - 7.0/pcs
Handmade Mother of Pearl Rattan Tray from King Craft Viet, with its delicate combination of rattan and ceramic, this product provides a chic and practical display platform for your house. All of our products are made of natural and eco-friendly material because we take great care in selecting these materials to ensure the quality of our products. The sturdy base and the braided fibres make it significantly more durable while still maintaining their lightness and flexibility. These handcrafted trays are truly a work of art, combining the beauty of rattan weaving with high-quality pattern ceramics on the top.   Classic in design, this Mother of Pearl Rattan tray is perfect for everyday storage and display. Whether it is a family gathering, party or daily life, it can add a natural and cheerful atmosphere to your desktop. At the same time, it is also an exquisite gift choice, suitable for giving to family members, friends or festival celebrations.
USD 17.0/pcs 17.0
Wholesale of top quality knives. Knives are made of high quality steel, handles are also on clips. Lots of different options.
Black hawk
USD 600.0/pcs 600.0
Thermomix®️ Tm6®️ Kitchen AppliancesBrand New
USD 7.08 - 8.17/pcs
A set of kitchen tools made of silicone and wood. 12 items. Delivery from Yangjiang city. Fast car to Moscow (South Gate) about 3 weeks.
USD 24.0 - 28.0/pcs
Mantovarka from stainless steel, production Turkey. Suitable for induction, gas, electric, gas, ceramic stoves. The bowl can be washed in the dishwasher on the ECO mode. Volume 5l. The wall thickness is 1 mm, the thickness of the capsule bottom is 7 mm. The height of one tier is 7 cm. The diameter of the holes is 0.5 cm. The width including handles is 36 cm. The total height is 35 cm. The diameter of the top of the pan is 26 cm. The set includes a glass lid. Steamer - pressure cooker is made of high quality stainless steel and consists of four sections and a tray (pot), which is filled with water during cooking.
USD 44.0 - 46.0/pcs
Steamer - pressure cooker is made of high quality stainless steel and consists of four sections and a tray (pot), which is filled with water during cooking. Volume 6.4 l, wall thickness - 1 mm, pan top diameter 30 cm, pot bottom diameter 22.3 cm, hole diameter 0.7 cm. The height of the lower bowl is 10cm, the thickness of the capsule bottom is 7mm. The set includes a glass lid. Suitable for all types of hob, including induction. Assorted color!
USD 10.88/pcs 10.88
Продажа оптом Миксеров! Красивый миксер красного цвета. Содержит: 2 крючка + 2 насадки для взбивания + 1 основание для чаши из нержавеющей стали для удержания и монтируется вручную на основании. 7 скоростей и вместимость 2 литра. Новые, в заводской упаковке.
USD 36.0/pcs 36.0
№ IO 200 ÇOK FONKSİYONLU IZGARA (multifunctional grill) - two functions of work: a removable grill (the body is made of aluminum, the grill surface is granite), under it is a two-burner electric stove, uniform cooking. Specifications: Voltage: 220-240 V Power: 1300 W Frequency: 50-60 Hz Price: $36
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The wooden knife is made of beech. Suitable for butter, pates, jams. Mineral oil treatment is required. With constant use, treatment once a week.
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The wooden serving plate is made of beech wood. Various options for its use expand the functionality. Mineral oil treatment is required.
USD 11.44 - 22.89/pcs
Cast iron cauldrons of the Baraka brand are made at new factories in Uzbekistan. They have smooth edges, all cauldrons are the same in size, thickness and dimensions. There is no “lid not tight” or “does not fit” problem. All caps are of the same size and diameter, thanks to their production on CNC machines. There are complete sets with ordinary, standard white lids and there is a complete set of graphite, black lids All volumes. Sending from Krasnoyarsk.
Business China
USD 100.0/pcs 100.0
Thermomix TM6 is a multifunctional device with a wide range of functions that can replace several kitchen appliances
USD 0.29 - 0.33/pcs
This wooden spatula for pancakes is made of aspen. It is suitable for any cookware, including products with a non-stick coating. The spatula does not affect the taste of the dish and does not leave unpleasant odors, and the environmentally friendly material does not harm your health. The product withstands high temperatures, and with proper care will last a very long time.
USD 1.0 - 2.0/pcs
All kinds of western tableware are supplied, with plastic handles and all-steel materials, which can comply with the laws and regulations of the local market; at the same time The specifications and materials required by customers can also be installed, and the packaging can be customized, only a certain minimum order quantity is required. Different styles are sometimes in stock, but most styles are not in stock. Prices are subject to individually confirmed prices
USD 1903.5/pcs 1903.5
Electric oven oven ШЖЭ93Main characteristics: - front part - stainless steel. Steel. - modular design: - cooking cabinet material - carbon steel. – each module includes 3 baking sheets made of carbon steel 470x530x30mm. - internal dimensions of the oven - (LxDxH) 535x535x290 mm. - heating up to 240 ° C in 30 minutes. - emergency thermostat. - Separate adjustment of the power of the upper and lower heating elements. — side and rear walls in painted metal. – height-adjustable legs-guides-4 Hearth area, 0.843 m2 Temperature control range of the oven, Co (20:270) + -10 Rated power consumption, kW 14.4 Rated voltage, V 400 Current frequency, 50 Hz Temperature control range of the oven, Co 30 Co Thermal cut-out temperature, 324 CoLength, 840 mm Width with handle, 900 mm Width, 840 mm Height, 1500 mm Net weight, max 195 kg Gross weight, max 259 kg
USD 926.85/pcs 926.85
Meat grinder M-300M / 380V with reverse Designed for grinding meat and fish into minced meat and stuffing sausages (kupats) at public catering establishments (canteens, cafes, restaurants), in small sausage shops and farms. The meat grinders are equipped with a powerful electric motor and a reliable cylindrical gear reducer, which allows processing even heavily trimmed meat. The drive is made of mirror stainless steel. The product includes: a drive mechanism - to drive the meat grinder attachment. Attachment-meat grinder - for cooking minced meat and fish. Set of knives "full unger".Additional options:grid with holes 3 mm (minced pate). Grid with holes 12 mm (lard). Nozzle for stuffing sausages Set of knives "full unger"
USD 25.0/pcs 25.0
Fruit shelf made of ceramics and metal, handmade. Large plate diameter: 28cm
USD 25.0/pcs 25.0
Oval ceramic plate, handmade. Size: 32×20 cm
IP "AK.Lart"
USD 41.0/pcs 41.0
The chopper for the kitchen will become an indispensable tool for every housewife, and especially for mothers with small children. The electric chopper handles all tasks quickly and easily thanks to the modern blade-impeller made of high-quality stainless steel. With it, you can chop vegetables, fruits, meat, and also prepare liquid mixtures and smoothies. Chopper power 650 watts, glass tank, volume 3 liters. The machine can cut both vegetables and meat.
IP Laura
Алматы, Kazakhstan
USD 20.22/pcs 20.22
Heat resistant teapot with bamboo lid. Volume 1l. The handle does not get hot. Strainer on the nose. Excellent quality.
USD 199.0/pcs 199.0
capacity in cubes: 900 power W -260 W stainless steel housing steel noise from 51 dB to 60 dB
Бишкек, Kyrgyzstan
USD 1.63/pcs 1.63
Dispensers for napkins, toilet paper. Production China. Different colors, qualities, material, sizes. Write me.
USD 35.0/pcs 35.0
A set of salad bowls with a pomegranate pattern, made of ceramics, handmade. 1 large salad bowl with a diameter of 16 cm and 8 small salad bowls with a length of 15 cm
USD 8.61/pcs 8.61
Набор кухонных принадлежностей все, что может понадобиться хозяйке во время приготовления еды. В наборе 11 предметов. Удобная лопатка для жарки, шпатель, венчик, щипцы, плоская ложка для выпечки, лопатка с отверстиями для слива масла, половник, ложка для салата, кисточка для масла, ложка для спагетти и шумовка. Каждый предмет снабжён удобной нескользящей ручкой с отверстием для хранения на крючке. Набор изготовлен из силикона с антипригарным покрытием, выдерживающим различные температурные нагрузки и бамбуковых ручек, что делает набор полностью безопасным для здоровья человека. Лопатка для жарки легкая, нескользящая и очень удобная в работе силиконовая лопатка длиной 28 см. С помощью нее вы без труда перевернете пищу при обжарке и сможете полностью вычистить крем или тесто из посуды. Венчик - незаменимый базовый атрибут ежедневного пользования как в профессиональной кулинарии, так и на кухне. С его помощью можно взбить яйца, сделать мусс, пышные сливки, соус для блюда и приготовить блинное тесто. Кулинарными щипцами удобно переворачивать мясо, рыбу или другие продукты во время приготовления как на сковороде так и на гриле. Специальные упоры позволяют класть щипцы на любые поверхности, не боясь их испачкать. Щипцы имеют фиксацию в сложенном виде и кольцо, за которое их можно подвесить для удобного хранения на кухне. Плоская ложка для выпечки. Этой поварской ложкой очень легко и удобно перемешивать разные блюда при приготовлении. Лопатка с отверстиями для слива масла. Отверстие, расположенное в широкой части лопатки, предотвращает попадание излишнего масла в готовое блюдо. Широкая поверхность изделия позволяет без труда переворачивать даже крупные куски мяса или рыбы. Ложка предназначена для раздачи спагетти. Её форма и силиконовая рабочая часть не позволит спагетти соскальзывать, а отверстия в центре отлично пропускают жидкость. Половник предназначен для перемешивания блюд в процессе варки и для подачи готовых блюд. Ложка для салата очень удобный аксессуар на кухне для перемешивания салата.С такой ложкой удобно как мешать салат, так и накладывать на тарелки. Кисточка для масла. Используется такая кисть для того, чтобы смазывать противни.Настоящий помощник, незаменимый на кухне. Позволяет равномерно наносить масло, яйца, мед, маринад и прочее. Шумовка предназначена для извлечения продуктов из супов и бульонов, а также для подачи готовых блюд. Прорези на шумовке позволяют стекать излишкам масла, соуса или жидкостей. Шпатель кондитерский для изготовления и выравнивания тортов, нанесения крема и подачи. Набор кухонных принадлежностей - идеальный подарок на Новый год, подарок на Рождество, подарок на день рождения мамы, подруги и любимой жены. Продается в коробке. Комплектация лопатка для жарки, шпатель, венчик, щипцы, плоская ложка для выпечки, лопатка с отверстиями для слива масла, половник, ложка для салата, кисточка для масла, ложка для спагетти и шумовка
USD 16.77/pcs 16.77
Cutting board solid oak. Size: Large board 30×20×2cm. Small board 25×18×2cm. Stand 18×8×4cm.
USD 7.08/pcs 7.08
Chopping board solid oak. Size 34×15×2cm
USD 18.29/pcs 18.29
Подставка под горячее массив дуба, керамическая плитка. Размер 10×10×2.5см
USD 7.08/pcs 7.08
Stand for hot solid oak, jute. Diameter 16cm
USD 10.57/pcs 10.57
Chopping board solid oak. Size 24×17×2cm
USD 8.17/pcs 8.17
Cheese serving board solid oak. Size 25×16×2cm
USD 7.63/pcs 7.63
Napkin holder made of solid oak wood with a stand for toothpicks. Size 19×6×10cm
USD 5.45/pcs 5.45
Napkin holder made of solid oak wood. Size 15×5×9cm
USD 3.14/pcs 3.14
Cabinets made of birch, oak, beech, ash, elm. FOR MARKETPLACES, retailers, bars, restaurants, cafes, etc. + Wholesale small and large, + Delivery to shopping center free of charge, + Setting up production for your product for orders from 15000 ₽, + Treatment with environmentally friendly formulations suitable for the food industry, + Dimensions of products up to 30 cm and more (on request), + Work under the contract, completely transparent, + We carry out guarantees, we meet deadlines! + Price from 288 ₽ per piece! Write right now. I'll send you the price in a message.
Бишкек, Kyrgyzstan
Specify the price USD 0 0
Everything for the kitchen and more. Kitchenware. Everything for the home from China and Turkey.
USD 4.4/pcs 4.4
Cooking board - dimensions with a handle 20x35 cm. The handmade product is suitable for both cutting and serving products and spectacular table setting. The kitchen cutting board made of natural wood will be a stylish decoration for your kunha, or a wonderful gift for family and friends for any reason and without! Hand-finished with high quality oil and dish wax. Let yourself / relatives / friends / mom a good gift. Useful For a summer residence / for a picnic in nature / For meat / For vegetables / For gourmet dishes. Impregnation with oil gives the product additional protection against bacteria, and wax protects against moisture and makes the item even more durable. Reliable film packaging. It is not recommended to soak the boards and wash in the dishwasher, it is forbidden to use in the microwave and oven, after contact with water, wipe the cutting board dry with a towel. It is recommended to wax once a month.

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