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USD 22.0/pcs 22.0
Scarf with pepper pattern, made of cotton. Size 65cm x 1.75m Every woman should have a whole collection of scarves. And if so, then he is most likely the most beloved, which is both soft and pleasant, and the woman looks like a queen in him!
USD 35.0/pcs 35.0
Dressing gown with national pattern, Margilan masters, made of cotton/adras. Size 48-50.
USD 45.0/pcs 45.0
Stand for books handmade. Made of wood, length 19cm.
USD 15.0/pcs 15.0
Plate with national ornament, made of ceramics, handmade. Size: 24x12 cm
USD 10.0/pcs 10.0
Illuminated pencil, made of ceramics, handmade. Height: 13 cm
USD 65.0/pcs 65.0
The box is made of wood, handmade. Size: 15 x 11 cm
USD 25.0/pcs 25.0
Oval ceramic plate, handmade. Size: 32×20 cm
USD 900.0/pcs 900.0
The painting was painted in oil in 2019 by the famous Uzbek artist Isfandiyar Khaydarov, who was born on October 21, 1948. Uzbek painter. Member of the Union of Artists of Uzbekistan since 1970. Size: 40cm/50cm.
USD 100.0/pcs 100.0
Pano with a miniature, made of wood, handmade. Size: 30×30 cm
USD 10.0/pcs 10.0
Souvenir teapot with national patterns, made of ceramics, handmade.
USD 18.0/pcs 18.0
Earrings are made of copper, gold-plated, hand-painted. Length 3cm.
USD 10.0/pcs 10.0
Souvenir grandfather with a flute, made of ceramics, handmade. Height: 9.2 cm
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