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USD 100.0/pcs 100.0
  Buying furniture in China Our scheme of work related to the purchase of furniture in China, for more than 13 years, has been perfected to the smallest detail.With the help of our specialists, we helped to select, buy and deliver furniture from China to clients from Russia, Kazakhstan, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, America, etc. With the help of JINHAO, you will significantly save your budget and time. Thorough knowledge of everything about the choice of furniture in China, a developed database of reliable suppliers, will help you in purchasing truly high-quality furniture from luxury to budget options. Assistance in transferring and exchanging funds through our offshore company in China. Competent preparation of accompanying documents will help you avoid problems with the export of purchased goods from China. Own warehouses for collection, packaging and further shipment to the desired location.
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Tabletop thickness 40-45 mm. Three types of end, including natural. Characteristics MATERIAL: Solid oak TABLETOP THICKNESS: 40-45 (mm) HEIGHT: 750 (mm) STANDARD WIDTH: 750-1100 (mm) STANDARD LENGTH: 1000-1800 (mm) VARNISH: Bog oak, natural, Halifax, bleached
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Table with natural oak edge. Characteristics MATERIAL: Solid oak TABLETOP THICKNESS: 40-45 (mm) HEIGHT: 750 (mm) STANDARD WIDTH: 750-1100 (mm) STANDARD LENGTH: 1000-1800 (mm) VARNISH: Bog oak, natural, Halifax, bleached.
USD 365.85 - 490.85/pcs
Twin table standard sliding 300 mm on both sides Characteristics MATERIAL: Engineered solid TABLETOP THICKNESS: 37 (mm) HEIGHT: 750 (mm) SIZE RANGE: 1360 (+300 / +300), 1600 (+300 / +300) VARNISH: Bog oak , natural, halifax, bleached
LIGA group
Екатеринбург, Russia
USD 152.44/pcs 152.44
Multi-touch touch table LigaSmart IT 32 or BASIC 32, equipment included in the register of MINPROMTORG and REP, is intended for drawing, annotation on top of an image, information and navigation. The adjustable tilt angle allows several people to work with the touch table at the same time. Atmospheric lighting attracts attention.
Бишкек, Kyrgyzstan
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Metal chairs technical characteristics Height - 840 mm Height to seat - 450 mm Seat size Square - 400x400 mm Metal thickness - 1.2 Kyrgyzstan Bishkek City Sagynbay Manaschi Street 141
United Kingdom
USD 1607.81 - 2398.8/pcs
BVM Medical Limited are pleased to offer you furniture from the UK's premier furniture brand Plinth 2000. Plinth 2000 chairs and couches are artists favourite choice for Hospital & studio furniture. Made in England, and with a unique lifetime guarantee. if you want a couch or chair thats going to last, Plinth 2000 are the way to go! Plinth 2000's unique guarantee is for a LIFETIME on the mechanism and UNCONDITIONAL for 3 years on all components. This even applies to accidental damage. Plinth 2000 will not quibble. The only exclusion is damage to upholstery. Plinth 2000 can be found showcasing their furniture at most reputable tattoo conventions across the UK. Fully adjustable Tattoo Chair allowing complete positioning of your clients in comfort. Developed in conjunction with a leading UK tattooist this chair features a strong medical grade frame easily able to lift 225kg, a lifetime guarantee and a variety of cutouts allowing superior comfort and access for even the longest tattoo sessions. Can be individually tailored to the needs of your studio. Key Features Unique lifetime guarantee Easy operation Low running costs High density fire retardant foam Hardwearing anti-microbial vinyl Black powder coated frame Able to lift 225kg from its lowest height Full choice of accessories and colours Standard Specification Either electric or hydraulic height adjustment available. Able to lift up to 225kg (35 stone) from its lowest height. Backrest adjustment by gas strut mechanism. Backrest angle adjustable from -30º to + 85º vertical. Footrest angle adjustable from -90º to + 35º vertical. Made in the UK. Pair of Upholstered arm boards. Adjustable foot for uneven floors. Black enamel powder coated frame Fully washable/ fire retardant Ambla vinyl available in a range of colours. Split leg rests allowing work on one leg while the other is out of the way. Robust retractable castors for excellent mobility and safety. CE marked in conformity with MDD 93/42/EEC Annex IX Class 1. Electrical standard IEC601 part 1. After purchasing, a Killer Ink representative will contact you to finalise the order of your couch. If you opt for logo printing, we will require a high res image for your logo. Multiple logos can also be applied for an additional cost.  Please note, there is not free delivery on Plinth couches. Please contact us for a quote, or alternatively we will confirm for you after purchasing. Here is the best part we export almost worldwide. If you order your Plinth with an electric mechanism, only the height adjustment is electric; the backrest and footrest are still adjusted manually. There are additional costs to make the backrest or footrest electrical too. If you want to add any of these modifications, please let us know when we contact you to finalise the order. Footswitches are also available as additional extras. If you are a EU customer and do not have a EORI number, lead times may be increased to 6-8 weeks and delivery costs become a lot more expensive, estimated guide 290EUR, however this will be confirmed before we proceed with your order. Delivery All orders completed before 19:30 on a working day will be dispatched the same day via the delivery service requested if you have chosen DPD as your courier. If you have selected UPS as your courier, the cut off for same day dispatch will be 15:00. We offer free delivery to all mainland UK addresses for orders over £100 ex VAT, with prices starting from as little as £10.95 for delivery elsewhere.        
TELA Italian Furniture Boutique
United States of America
USD 1.0/pcs 1.0
TELA offers exquisite Italian luxury furniture with a modern high-design & style to Americans. Handcrafted in Italy by Italian Artisans, TELA's wide range of furniture includes modern Italian sofa sets, Italian designer chairs & Italian home decor.
Safety Vendors Trade
Алматы, Kazakhstan
USD 109.76/pcs 109.76
We carry out deliveries in the Republic of Kazakhstan, CIS
USD 112.8/pcs 112.8
Bookshelf in stock and on order Despite social changes and the emergence of electronic literature, the need for a home library is still relevant. How to equip book products so that they harmoniously fit into the interior? Today, bookcases and shelving, which are easy to use, are indispensable attributes for storing priceless publications. Stylish, modern furniture makes it possible to ideally arrange the library, create a cozy, individual space. Characteristics Main Country producer Kazakhstan Quantity of external shelves 5 pieces. Type of furniture bookcase Condition New Overall dimensions of the bookcase Cabinet width 700 mm Cabinet depth 400 mm Cabinet height 1800 mm Production material Body (frame) laminated chipboard Shelves laminated chipboard
USD 97.56/pcs 97.56
High roomy pedestal made of 16 mm chipboard, available in different colors, the pedestal is suitable for both home and office. Characteristics Main Country producer Kazakhstan Type of a curbstone stationary Quantity of drawers 6 pieces. Number of doors 1 pc. Support type Legs Type of guides for drawers Telescopic (ball) Drawer type standard Overall dimensions Cabinet width 900 mm Cabinet depth 450 mm Cabinet height 1144 mm Wall thickness 16 mm
USD 52.29/pcs 52.29
For different rooms that are not large in size, a small closet is chosen, which differs in small dimensions, but with a competent one it has a good capacity. Many manufacturers equip such structures with numerous convenient storage systems, due to which you can store many items in them with comfort. Small cabinets can have different shapes, heights and other parameters, which allows you to optimally choose the right model. Characteristics Main Country of manufacture Kazakhstan Case type Collapsible Case material Laminated chipboard Dimensions of the cabinet Width 350 mm Depth 800 mm Height 850 mm
USD 268.29/pcs 268.29
Wardrobe with hinged doors in a modern style with a universal purpose. You can store anything in it: clothes, shoes, bags, bedding. The internal filling is represented by drawers, a spacious compartment with a hanger bar, as well as deep shelves. The cabinet is strong and durable, because For its manufacture, only high-quality materials that have been tested for durability are used. The color solution of this model is represented by several shades of laminated chipboard with a beautiful pattern under the texture of wood. Characteristics Main Country producer Kazakhstan Quantity of shutters (doors) 3 pieces. Number of external drawers 2 pcs. Condition New Overall dimensions of the cabinet Cabinet width 1500 mm Cabinet depth 520 mm Cabinet height 2000 mm Cabinet material Case laminated chipboard Internal filling of the cabinet Drawer 2 pcs. Clothes rail 1 pc.
USD 434.39/pcs 434.39
The stylish four-door wardrobe Venice 2 is made in a classic style and is ideal for almost any modern room design. The elegant model is divided into three compartments: a wide middle compartment with a mezzanine shelf and a bar for storing clothes on hangers; the side narrow ones are equipped with five shelves each for bedding and personal belongings. Characteristics Overall dimensions of the cabinet Cabinet width 2000 mm Cabinet depth 500 mm Cabinet height 2000 mm Cabinet material Case laminated chipboard
USD 88.89/pcs 88.89
Desk written to order The desk is designed for comfortable and convenient work both in the office and at home. It can be completed with one or two curbstones. Characteristics Main Country producer Kazakhstan Stand in the set stationary Number of doors 1 pc. Tabletop shape rectangular Condition New Overall dimensions of the table Length 1400 mm Depth 600 mm Height 750 mm
USD 163.12/pcs 163.12
Table angular under the order. For small spaces, corner computer tables are more suitable, since they are very compact and at the same time very roomy. Depending on the location of the system unit, such tables can be left- and right-handed. Quite often, a nightstand or cabinet comes with a corner computer desk. Main characteristics: Country producer Kazakhstan. Overall dimensions of the table: Table length 150 cm. Table depth 70 cm. Table height 75 cm.
USD 57.0/pcs 57.0
Give value to your body as much as you do to your job by choosing Sandino office chairs that support your body. It offers the comfort of working in your living space in the office or at home. It reflects the vitality of your soul with its stylish and modern design. Thanks to its polyurethane foam structure, it offers a long service life. Brand: Sandino Production Place: Turkey (Domestic Production) Warranty Period: 6 months Sponge: Polyurethane sponge Coating: Faux Leather Coat Color: CHOOSE Foot part: Metal Star foot Adjustable Height: Yes Mechanism Rotating Movement: 360 degrees Wheel Swivel Movement: 360 degrees Cleaning & Care Instructions: Avoid applying chemical cleaning agents to products. It can be cleaned with a slightly damp cloth. Installation Instructions: Products are delivered disassembled. Installation belongs to the customer. The installation guide is included in the package. Average assembly time is 10 minutes. No tools are required for assembly.
USD 1089.94/pcs 1089.94
Д*Г*В 3000*1600*760
USD 336.89/pcs 336.89
Д*Г*В 600*580*910 1200*580*910
USD 289.63/pcs 289.63
Д*Г*В 615*700*720
USD 365.85/pcs 365.85
Д*Г*В 600*600*800
USD 274.39/pcs 274.39
Д*Г*В 630*695*800
USD 277.44/pcs 277.44
Д*Г*В 900*780*700 1400*780*700 1900*780*700
USD 503.05/pcs 503.05
Д*Г*В 900*780*700 1400*780*700 1900*780*700
USD 503.05/pcs 503.05
Д*Г*В 820*850*750 1520*850*750 1920*850*750 820*850*1290 1520*850*1290 1920*850*1290
USD 579.27/pcs 579.27
700*700*1450 1400*700*1450 1900*700*1450
USD 518.29/pcs 518.29
The back of the model has smooth curves that give a pleasant feeling while relaxing. Solid armrests give a feeling of comfort. Slim but very strong legs complete this symphony of style.
USD 594.51/pcs 594.51
The sofa seat frame has an ergonomic and orthopedic effect due to the use of elastic straps. The soft element of the seat is made using two types of polyurethane foam and synthetic winterizer. Thin polyurethane foam and synthetic winterizer for softness and relief.
USD 503.05/pcs 503.05
750*840*910 1200*840*910 1770*840*910
USD 442.07/pcs 442.07
940*700*650 1540*700*650 1940*700*650
USD 533.54/pcs 533.54
Easy armchair. Can have several sizes: (L*D*H) 850*920*970 1400*920*970 1950*920*970
USD 632.62/pcs 632.62
An effective design sofa "Karite" will fit into the style of any room. The main difference between the model is the same height of the back and armrests. The seat and back of the product are a relief surface, which gives the sofa originality and solidity.
USD 670.73/pcs 670.73
A cozy designer sofa will become a bright accent in the interior. The high back of the product is decorated with horizontal lines trimmed with elastic filler. The lower part of the sofa is a comfortable seat with cushions. The design will fit into different interior styles and bring more comfort to it. Such a model, of course, will find application not only in residential, but also in public buildings. Elegant luxury, elegance and sophistication, ergonomics and special comfort - all these qualities are embodied in one exclusive product.
USD 138.72/pcs 138.72
Design chair, made in a modern minimalist style, will be a harmonious addition to your interior. Simplicity of design, clarity of lines, lack of armrests make the product an easy and concise solution. Due to the absence of bulky parts, the chair does not burden the space and acts as a basic element of the interior. The model will harmoniously fit into the space and can be used in residential buildings, apartments, modern offices, restaurants, beauty salons and other premises where there is a minimalist style. The modern color scheme of the product will bring the necessary accents to the interior.
USD 259.15/pcs 259.15
An armchair without armrests on a wooden base does not overload the space and serves as an ideal base in the interior. The absence of unnecessary details, clear lines, correct design are the main features of the laconic minimalism that is so popular today. A simple chair not overloaded with unnecessary elements will become no less comfortable and ergonomic piece of furniture than products with armrests and numerous pillows. Monochromatic upholstery combined with a wood base looks expensive and presentable. Such a model will appeal to modern people who appreciate conciseness, rigor, naturalness and naturalness.
USD 2972.56/pcs 2972.56
A luxurious designer sofa on a wooden frame will make the interior cozy and comfortable. High-quality modern upholstery fabrics are characterized by a long period of operation and increased density. The elegant model will harmoniously fit into any style of an interior. The sofa can be used to relax, sleep or serve as a comfortable place for gatherings with guests. Convenient and comfortable model is the favorite of our customers and the embodiment of the impeccable taste of the owners. This is luxury and elegance worthy of you!

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