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Москва, Russia
USD 36.59/pcs 36.59
Name: "HotWalker" heated seat Article: TPL-SEAT-MOB-1 Characteristics: Type of placement: mobile, portable Size (including battery mount w / d / h): 42x33x0.8 cm Heating zone: 13x25 + 13x25cm Food : 5 to 7.4 Volts Current consumption (for 5V): 1.2A / Power: 6 W Current consumption (for 7.4V): 1.8A / Power: 13.3W (* Cell resistance: 4.2 Ohm, with errors ) Heating temperature (under the body): from 38 to 50 ° C Two outgoing wires for power selection Connectors (power wires): 2.1x5.5 mm + USB Weight (without battery): 80g. Materials: waterproof textile, bottom fabric with PVC. Color: gray by default. Battery type for power supply: any, with dimensions not exceeding 19x9x2 cm. It is possible to connect to a computer or to a network via an adapter. Set: heated seat, heat-insulating battery cover. Warranty: 12 months

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