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All Household chemicals suppliers from Kazakhstan

USD 32.01 - 38.11/pcs
Antiseptic liquid for hygienic processing of hands and surfaces in a can of 5000 ml. Suitable for frequent use. Not requires flushing. Leaves no odor. Composition: Ethyl alcohol 96%, Thickener, emollients and other components.   The product is certified by all standards of medical institutions.
USD 6.7/kg 6.7
Barite plaster from the only manufacturer in Kazakhstan in 25 kg bags. Complete protection of rooms against gamma radiation. The conclusion of a direct contract. Delivery to the place. See our website for more information -
USD 50.0/Ton 50.0
Shampoo for chemical carpets and for cars and other chemistry in bulk quality is better than the guarantee we give chemistry 30 liters from Turkey delivery throughout Kazakhstan this is not a commodity to Kazakstan that doesn’t have only unas only we do direct delivery from Turkey.

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