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CHEHOLDER-cools, warms, protects. Thermal covers made of neoprene for aluminum cans 0,45-0,5 l. In hot weather, the drink will remain cool, and the misted jar will not slip out of your hand. In cold weather, the drink will not cool down much, and in the cold very comfortable to hold the jar in hand. The design of the cover is designed in such a way that covers all the inscriptions on the Bank. Eating a drink from a can, dressed in a CHEHOLDER, no longer have to look around - no one can find out what drink you drink. Due to the design CHEHOLDER drinking from cans is convenient and comfortable, and the covers CHEHOLDER versatile and suitable for most containers for beverages, including bottle opener. In addition, the CHEHOLDER is an original and unusual accessory. Design CHEHOLDER and has a patented protection against counterfeiting.

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