Flat Copper braided Wire
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Flat Copper braided Wire 1: Braided tapes copper is suitable for flexible electrical,conductive or electrical grounding wire use.2: It is made of greater than 99.95% pure copper3: Uninsulated braided flat wire Material: bare copper Standard design:The main electrical parameters of copper braided wire are DC resistivity (20 ℃) not more than 0.022Ωmm2 / m, and DC resistivity (20 ℃) of tinned copper braided tape not more than 0.0234Ωmm2 / m. Application:Copper tinned flexible braided wire is used for flexible electrical,conductive or grounding connection.It also used for non-horizontal live motion and as a power accessory in medium and low voltage circuit breakers.The construction of power distribution lines requires safety and reliability, maintaining power continuity, reducing line losses, improving transmission efficiency, and ensuring good power quality.
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