Guy Guard Marker Yellow Plastic
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Guy Guard Marker Yellow Plastic Bright, high visibility guy guard markers neither bleach out to white nor crack from cold temperatures.Made of ultraviolet-stabilized high-density polyethylene, overlappingtube-like design offers full-length coverage.Easy installation requires no tools. Replaceable standard tie strap allows the markersto be reused. Three holes permit the black self-locking nylon strap (furnished) tosecure the lower end in a choice of two attachment methods — either above or overthe anchor rod, illustrated below. This fastening design eliminates the cutawaysection that would weaken its resistance to breaking.The guy guard marker is available in high visibility 8′ long,11/8″ O.D., bright yellow sections. Type Size Thickness Length ColorGM-1 1″ 1.6mm 2440mm YellowGM-2 2″ 1.6mm 2440mm Yellow
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Guy Guard Marker Yellow Plastic - 72514

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