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Where is MECHANICAL SEAL Used? The parts that provide sealing between two machine parts, one of which is movable and the other fixed, are called shaft seal. It is generally used in places such as pumps, taps, shaft bearings. Where are ROTARY HEADS Used? It is used to transfer fluids such as hot water, hot oil, steam etc. to a fixed axis over the rotating drum.
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To be used in cold and hot water, steam, hot oil, natural gas, food and air installations to our valued customers; Since 2018, DEMİREL COMPANY has been serving our customers with Mechanical Seal, Rotary Head, Soft Seal, Teflon, Gasket and O-ring, as well as the sales of Pumps, Valve Armatures, Gearboxes, Motors, Measurement control systems, Pipe connection fittings and Technical Hardware, since 2018.

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