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Over time, copper provides almost invariably high properties - this is a guarantee of faultless operation, durability of the systems where it is used.

We sell copper wire rod of brand M0B, M1B.

size: d8 mm, d12.5 mm, d16 mm, d20 mm

Scope of application

  • Decorative decoration of the interior and exterior of buildings.
  • Installation of switchgear elements and circuits.
  • Installation of current conductors in high-voltage substations, railway substations, subway, public electric transport, industrial electrical equipment.
  • In low-voltage switchboards and installations.
  • Grounding arrangement.
  • Fastening of disconnectors for high-speed automatic machines and section breakers.
  • Arrangement of power plants.
  • Production of machine tools.

Copper has excellent properties:

  • high electrical and thermal conductivity;
  • good weldability, good soldering;
  • excellent corrosion resistance and extremely high resistance to aging
  • high ductility;
  • breadth of application, which allows the use of a single installation technique at the facility;
  • resistance to temperature changes and to direct ultraviolet rays;
  • the possibility of processing worn-out products.

Copper is an excellent material for installations of cold, hot water, heating, air conditioning and gas equipment.

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