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Metallurgy, Non-ferrous metallurgy Russia, г. Москва

DKabel LLC is your reliable supplier of copper metal products and a manufacturer of copper products according to your drawings. Product quality today is one of the main factors for successful work in any company. Our customers can be sure that the copper metal products purchased from us are of high quality, reliability and meets all generally accepted standards. All products are subject to mandatory certification. We understand how important this is, because the purchase of certified metal products is a contribution to your reputation in the market and a serious competitive advantage. Modern equipment and technologies allow us to provide a new quality product at the level of the best world analogues, in particular, ductility and electrical conductivity are higher than with traditional technologies. New technologies make it possible to ensure very competitive prices by reducing metal consumption in the redistribution. The qualification of our specialists allows us to perform metal with specified mechanical properties - hardness, elongation, yield strength and strength. Modern tool production allows us to provide the shortest time for execution of orders, including non-standard profiles according to customer drawings. Convenient location of the enterprise: the production is located in the Moscow region in close proximity to railways and highways, which significantly improves logistics and allows our customers to timely receive the products they need, the delivery of which, if necessary, we arrange to the destination needed by the client. At all stages of the production process, Dkabel LLC carries out end-to-end quality control.

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