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Apparel & textile, Women's clothing, Evening dresses, Women's blouses and shirts, Women's cardigans and capes, Women's overalls, Cocktail dresses, Casual dresses, Skirts, İslamic clothing, Muslim clothing for women, Bags, footwear & accessories, Bags, Wallets and key chain, Women's handbags, Education, Creativity and Design, Packaging & Office, Stationery and school supplies Kyrgyzstan, г.Бишкек, ул.Ахунбаева 119А
Kyrgyzstan, г.Бишкек, ул.Ахунбаева 119А

Women's clothing wholesale from the manufacturer DRESS KG

Kyrgyzstan was one of the union republics where light industry was very developed. The industry, which covered the whole process from the production of raw materials to finished products. Silk fabrics were produced in the republic. woolen fabrics, cotton and fur fabrics. After the collapse of the Union, our highly qualified specialists began to look for their own ways of development and survival. As a result, small companies began to appear that were engaged in the production of clothes. Perhaps thanks to the experience of specialists and love for their work, clothing from Kyrgyzstan in bulk under the brand name "Made in Kyrgyzstan" has become popular among consumers. The republic has almost centuries-old traditions in this area.

The company DRESS KG, operating in the market since 2012, offers its customers wholesale women's clothing, excellent quality and style. Today we adhere to the optimal pricing policy in work, therefore, our current partners have already appreciated all the bonuses and advantages that cooperation with our company gives them on a long-term basis. We believe in reliable and strong partnerships, strive to focus on close and mutually beneficial cooperation with our customers. Trust between business partners is the most important thing in creating a common business.

Do you sell women's clothing and want to find reliable suppliers of quality women's clothing? We are open to cooperation. We guarantee you quality.

Women's clothing wholesale from the manufacturer, as you already understood from the above, makes it possible to repeatedly increase your trade turnover and revenue and thereby significantly expand your customer base. It is important that your customers leave you satisfied with the offered assortment and size range, then it is very likely that they will return to you again and bring their friends and acquaintances - your new potential customers.

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