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Games and Toys, Products for children's entertainment, Creativity for Children, Stuffed Toys, Educational Toys, Dolls, Different toys Kyrgyzstan, Бишкек, Владимирская 39

DunKo inc. offers at wholesale prices original Toy products (plush, figurines, interactive, etc.) for export to any countries from the USA and China.

Danko's company has the ability to purchase from almost any supplier in the United States of America and China.

A team of 12 people, their warehouses in China and the United States.

employees who communicate with factories, because most factories do not enter international markets, we enter them ourselves, that's why we have the cheapest prices.

The Danko company also has direct channels with factories in China for the production of toys (plastic, plush) at the lowest prices.

We give a guarantee that in your country you will be much more competitive than buying from alibaba, taobao, aliexpress.

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