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LLC "Alterra", Balashikha

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We - the company "Alterra" - produce and sell domestic industrial and professional (construction) vacuum cleaners.

At the beginning of 2015, we launched our own line of vacuum cleaners on the market under the brand name Dustprom.
These vacuum cleaners are developed using three-dimensional engineering design systems, produced in our own production, equipped with modern equipment, including with numerical control. This makes it possible to produce vacuum cleaners with a high level of quality and in the required quantity at a given time.

We are ready to hear all your wishes and implement them!
The advantage of our company is that we are ready to consider all your ideas and bring them to life.

For you, we can paint our vacuum cleaner in the corporate colors of your company, make any attachment according to your requirements, make the hose longer or increase the diameter of the hose inlet and much more.

Enterprises of different profiles and scales work with industrial vacuum cleaners "Dustprom":

Metallurgical plants (including for the removal of scale containing soap fractions);
Chemical plants (all kinds of powders, solutions);
Food factories (flour, sugar dust; fats, oils, organic dirt);
Combines of building materials (cement, gypsum dust);
Woodworking enterprises (dust containing soap, sticky fractions);
Repair and construction teams (garbage, cement and gypsum dust, sawdust);
Car service (water; oils; soap, foam, cleaning solutions);
In industries related to the use of polymer powder paint and other enterprises.
Russian industrial vacuum cleaners:

work reliably with all types of waste (from garbage to fine dust, from water to chemical solutions);
clean the air efficiently using mechanical filtration (mechanical vortex filter is an original proprietary development);
They work with domestic harvesting equipment, because it was created with knowledge and taking into account the peculiarities of Russian production.
combine mobility and power.

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