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Балаково, Russia
USD 70.0 - 92.0/pcs
Балаково, Russia
USD 1.07 - 1.52/pcs
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Bags, footwear & accessories, Women's slippers, Sandals for women, Men's Slippers, Children's Slippers Russia, Балаково, , ул.Транспортная, д.3,

The Ecoprays company is a manufacturer of bath-massage slippers and washcloths made of polypropylene. The full production cycle of a wide range of high quality products from polypropylene and polymers has been carried out since 2008. The main activities of the company: Slippers and washcloths made of polypropylene, polypropylene thread of various colors and density. We are ready to offer you quality products at factory prices, including any products made of polypropylene. Many years of experience and knowledge allow us to quickly respond to the wishes of our customers and meet the requirements of the modern market. We are looking forward to new customers and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Our company has several advantages.

  • goods at wholesale prices;
  • fast processing and delivery of goods;
  • We cooperate with different companies;
  • ready to release the goods under the name of the distributor (individual color, type, size).




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