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Cosmetics and perfumery, Perfume, Antibakteriyel dezenfektan, Raw materials and minerals Turkey, mimarsinan mahallesi küçük sanayi sitesi 19 . cadde no : 35 çorum turkey

Perfume store dealership is supporting a different luxury store concept both in Turkey and abroad. The domestic profit rate is 100%. The lease support in the country is 10 thousand TL according to the support store sales performance. foreign supports 10 000 dollars rent support This rental support is directly deducted from the initial price of the product purchased. Then, depending on the sales of the store, it can take 10 000 dollars every month. It can be determined in 3 months. we are doing this, we save the dealer from the installation fee of 20,000 dollars per square meter for an average of 20 m2, we provide 40 thousand dollars installation support. In total, we exempt the dealer from the rent and store setup that an average of 30,000 to 50,000 dollars dealers should pay. The average setup product payment of a store has 50% of the total cost to be paid by the store setup and rent payments. Selling with a profit rate of 200, the above-mentioned supports are fulfilled in writing under a registered signature. If the entrepreneurs who want to invest in the dealership send their contact information as a message to our company, our company representative will contact them whatsap +90 536 299 20 99 mobile +90 532 387 70 47 [email protected]

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