Relay voltage stabilizer SUNTEK 1500 VA
Product description
Model for connection both individually on the device, and for several pieces of equipment. It is widely applicable in case of a strong voltage drop, for powering the gas boiler, or appliances with a capacity of up to 1 kW. 1. Operating range 120-285 volts 2. In the range of 140-270 Volt, the stabilizer fully corresponds to the nominal, it can be seen on the video! 3. The presence of lightning protection allows it to be used in difficult weather conditions in India, the UAE, and African countries. 4. Installed relays in the stabilizer provide up to 100,000 switches each. If each relay switches 20 times a day (a total of 80 times), even with such conditions, the resource will be enough for almost 14 years of work! Silver on the contacts eliminates their sticking. The electronic unit of the voltage regulator SUNTEK is a fairly powerful microcontroller, in which the input and output voltage is analyzed and signals are generated to control the stabilizer keys. When forming the control voltage, the microcontroller takes into account the response time of keys and power relays. This allows switching without breaks. As a result, the voltage waveform at the output of the relay stabilizer repeats the shape at the input. SUNTEK voltage regulator will be your network status indicator. If you are interested, follow the state of the network, if you do not have time - the stabilizer will control everything by itself and will give the best option for this situation.   3 year warranty
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Relay voltage stabilizer SUNTEK 1500 VA - 90763

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