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USD 5.4 - 10.79/pcs
The sausage loop is necessary for hanging sausage loaves on the frame during heat treatment in a heat chamber. For the convenience of product accounting, as well as to improve the presentation of the finished products, meat loops use various color loops. It is made of polypropylene or polyamide yarn. The hinges are attached to a perforated tape wound around a plastic spool. A reel with a loop is installed on automatic clippers equipped with knots for applying a loop. When clipping sausage loaves with an aluminum clip, the loop is torn off (cut off) from the perforation tape using a pneumatic drive. In the meat processing industry, two types of loops are used: a) piece - for manual and semi-automatic clippers, b) bobbin loops - for semi-automatic and automatic clippers. Loops 8, 10, 12, 14 cm long are used in the production of cooked, smoked and semi-smoked sausages. Hinges 16, 22 cm long are intended for a gourmet group; chicken smoked hams are hung on them for smoking, as well as natural meat delicacies. Loops on bobbins are used on clippers, can be trimmed (19/100, 21/100) or detachable (20/100, 22/100, 25/100).
USD 2.16 - 16.19/pcs
The clip is used in the meat processing industry to clamp on both sides of the package to form the shape of products: loaves of sausage, cheese, other meat and dairy products and semi-finished products. < / em> We are pleased to offer clips in different sizes and types, depending on your clipper.
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The implementation of consumables for the production of sausages, meat products, dairy products. Thermoshrinkable multilayer film of the European production. Equipment for the meat industry, spare parts.

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