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Preserved gifts for the New Year

  • New Year's souvenirs shouldn't be expensive at all. But they simply have to shine with a festive mood, carry good wishes, explode with fireworks of sparkling humor and be at least a little useful. EXTRAGO is not a bank, but multiple cans of creative gift ideas for every addressee!
  • Anyone who knows the account of money and is in no hurry to part with it - a piggy bank. For diehard wildlife enthusiasts, grow kits. Pragmatists confidently standing on the ground with both feet - socks. For romantics who strive to soar a light smoke into the world of dreams - aroma candles. For those who like to screw their heads up for themselves and people - puzzles. For gourmets of all ages - of course, sweets.
  • A colorful label will help you choose the right jar for a particular occasion. In the selection process, it is recommended to look closely, read carefully, think with concentration and laugh out loud.

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