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Растения в банках

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Minimum order: 50 pcs

Supply ability: 2 pcs/per day

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Planting greenery is almost like making it rich, only more sincere. Plant growing kits to help you. There are a lot of them, good and different. An alternative to traditional bouquets are flowers in a jar and playfully sprouting eco-cards, useful plants for pets and funny ones for children, a plant horoscope for mystics and edible fruits for realists. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail and decorated not without creativity.

No aids are required, just enough water, light and a little space. The greening season lasts all year round. Planting days fall on the red days of the calendar, round and not very dates and any day of the week when there is a desire to please someone with or without it.

    Such a gift is inexpensive, and there are at least a million emotions from it. After all, even growing soup greens with your own hands is a reason for pride. And what is it like to groom a tiny seedling of a future mighty tree?
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