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USD 12.0/pcs 12.0
flowers wholesale chrysanthemum roses gerbera
USD 20.0 - 40.0/pcs
flowers in small and large wholesale large assortment
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Crop Production, Flowers, Gifts, sport & toys Russia, Калужское шоссе,22

Why it is worth working with us:

1.Always fresh and quality flowers to your store.

2. The price is formed not by plantations, but by varieties, which is why you can buy flowers at a bargain price.

3. We are very loyal and open to each client and therefore we discuss mutually beneficial conditions.

4. We have been working in the flower market for over 10 years.

5. According to your wishes, we can redeem the varieties of flowers you need from the plantations.

pre order

Pre-orders for cut flowers from Holland and potted plants are accepted in 7 days.

You also have the opportunity to place an order yourself in the electronic stores of our suppliers.

Pre-orders for flowers from other countries (Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya, Thailand, Kenya, etc.) are accepted in 14 days.

Goods in transit

You can reserve a product that is en route in a free position. Fulfillment of such orders is not guaranteed,

since the order was made after the car with flowers left Amsterdam.

Buying flowers at our warehouse

In our warehouse there is always a huge selection of flowers on sale. You come

you put the goods on a cart, the goods are written out and paid at the checkout.

We hope for a successful and long-term cooperation!

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