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Children's Clothing, Children's outerwear, Children's raincoats, jackets, Denim clothing, Women's clothing, High quality women's clothing, Women's jeans, Women's overalls, Women's sweaters and jumpers, Women's jackets, windbreakers and raincoats, Men's clothing, High quality men's clothing, Men's sportswear, Men's Jeans, Men's Vests, Men's jackets and windbreakers, Men's Jackets, Men's Sweatshirts, Headwear for women, headwear for men, Children's Headwear Russia, Москва, г. Москва, ул. Оборонная дом 7

The history of the company FASHION STORE began in Russia in 2011. For 7 years of successful development in Russia, the online store of the brand FASHION STORE has opened, which successfully operates throughout Russia. Today the company is represented in two countries, Russia and Kyrgyzstan. Before creating a collection, our designers go on a journey - “for inspiration”. Different countries, cultures, motives, new trends and ideas, all this is brought together and the creation of a new collection begins. Carefully selected styles, fabrics, textures, colors, all details are thought out. Each line of the collection goes a long way, from ideas to hangers in the store. The collections of the FASHION STORE brand offer women's and men's clothing in a classic and elegant style, combined with the latest fashion trends. The main lines offered by FASHION STORE uniquely combine modernity with elegance and fashion. Also in stores a youth clothing line is presented - a style saturated with youth spirit, sexuality, energy of freedom. It is created by a team of professional designers taking into account all the features of the trends of the season, youth fashion. The styles are characterized by the creativity of accessories. It is obvious to us that the achievements of FASHION STORE in the market are, first of all, the recognition of customers. We owe it to you that we can work and create, we can professionally do what we love. And we strive to make the FASHION STORE product so that it is as attractive as possible for you - emotionally close, uniquely fashionable and definitely high-quality. So that when you buy FASHION STORE products, you always get the best ratio of price, quality, design and - as an important bonus - a great mood. This has always been and will remain our goal! Each of our products is a synergy of design fantasies and expert knowledge of the laws of the fashion genre, consistent with current trends; this is the art of compromising genuine design aesthetics and design and technological pragmatism FASHION STORE - a unique alliance of “thinly feeling” and “knowing exactly” people who create their own product specifically for you. The product is comfortable and functional, bright and recognizable, figurative and emotional - falling exactly to the tone of the soul strings of the brand’s fans. Based on our previous experience, we are not his hostages and keep a comfortable distance with him. We are adequate and understand that life leaves us no alternative but to change with it. So, FASHION STORE will always remain the same new for you, and in each collection you will find other, no less interesting stories

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