Edible beef gelatin
Edible beef gelatin
Product description
Gelatin (from Lat. gelātus "frozen", "frozen") is a solid, light-yellow, odorless and tasteless crushed product. Gelatin is a solid, light-yellow crushed product color, odorless and tasteless, with excellent water-holding and gelling properties, high strength and toughness. It is a versatile food product, it is used as an important binding element in the production of various types of products. JSC MOZHELIT produces and sells food gelatin in accordance with GOST 11293-89 from soft collagen-containing beef raw materials. The assortment includes a large number of different brands. At the request of the buyer, the company has the ability to produce gelatin in accordance with the customer's specification: various viscosity and strength of the jelly, particle size and transparency. Gelatin from JSC "MOZHELIT" is made exclusively from beef raw materials (type B) and has a Halal certificate. For industrial use, food gelatin is packed in polypropylene laminated bags (yellow) of 25 kg. < span class = "redactor-invisible-space"> Gelatin is a versatile ingredient that is used as a thickener, foaming agent and stabilizer in various food applications. industry: ● in the meat-processing industry - in the production of ham to absorb meat juice, in the production of smoked sausages for various casings, for jellied meat, jellies, brawn, rolls, canned meat and for enriching various meat products with protein (for example , pates); ● in the dairy - for the production of ice cream, products from sour milk (sour cream, yoghurt and curd products), dessert creams, mousses, puddings and cheeses; ● fish processing - for the production of canned fish in and jellied from various types of fish; ● in the confectionery industry - for the production of chewing caramel, toffee, soufflé, jelly, marmalade, creams, cakes and dessert dishes; ● in production drinks - for precipitation and clarification of difficult-to-filter wine materials, giving them bottling resistance; ● in home cooking - for preparing aspic dishes, cakes, desserts and jellies; ● a separate element of a healthy diet.
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