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Self-contained depth manometer AMTV-Geo-20 - 29216

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The AMTV-20 self-contained downhole pressure gauge is designed to record pressure and temperature values over time along the wellbore and / or at any point in the well during hydrodynamic testing of wells.

Scope - for hydrodynamic studies, in order to control pressure and temperature parameters outside the explosive zone.


- Operating temperature range: -40 ... +85 (125 *, 150 *)

- Operating time without battery replacement, years: 2

- The amount of Flash-memory, records: 528 000

- Pressure measurement channel, MPa: 0 - 40, 60, 100

- Dimensions of the device, mm, no more (diameter x length): 28 x 490

- weight: 0.6 kg

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Manufacturer: Ecolight-Geotechnika LLC

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