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Multi-monitoring blood meter 4 in 1 GLANBER. Glucose. Cholesterol. Hemoglobin. uric acid. Test strips, lancets. Wholesale, 2b2-trade - 60538

USD 29.0 - 35.0 USD

Minimum order: 100 pcs

Supply ability: 15 pcs/per day

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Glucometer 4in1 GLANBER ™ - a novelty from Vistmart LLC! The attachment is not vimagaє koduvannya! To insert a test-smear, apply a drop of blood, and after 5 seconds, you can correct the exact results. The new Lifescan glucose meter for quick and accurate measurement of blood glucose in the home mind. The most simple glucometer in a vicarystanna is proponated to the market, which is perfect for the market, but it is not suitable to reduce the rhythm of life through the diagnosis of diabetic diabetes. The attachment 4in1 GLANBER ™ is compact and simple for a vicarystanna, so you can easily recognize yourself in any animal life situations - on trips, on small entertainment, for sports hours, it's just as easy as you know your friends. No more need for some coduvans - the GLANBER ™ 4in1 glucometer will help you with a sound signal about an infinitely high or low level of sugar in your blood. Since the glucose level is not without a doubt high and low, the glucometer will give you a special sound signal, and the card is included in the set - a memory, even if it is a problem. Glucometer 4in1 GLANBER ™ - more automatic fit, no buttons! It’s even simpler and simpler at the victorian’s. You no longer need to enter a special test-smoothed code, or to insert a chip code. Just insert the test-smoot into the openings of the blood glucose meter and make it all yourself! The device will automatically turn on, hold a vimir, visualize the results and automatically get in after 2 minutes of writing the rest of the day. I don't change an hour for 5 seconds. Prilad has a memory for the rest of the world. Color-sound signaling will move you about a high or low level of tsukru in blood. Applied values ​​for glucose concentration in whole capillary blood.
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