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USD 54.56 - 349.48/pcs
Описание:Двухсторонняя прозрачная пленка с бумажной полоской по короткой стороне для высокотемпературных принтеровВ пачке 200 листов.Характеристика, параметр: 0,125 ммПроизводитель: FolexТип печати: Лазерная, ЦифроваяТип чернил: Тонер (лазерная печать)Применение: Изготовление фотоформ (оригинал-макетов), ПрезентацияМатериал: Пленка
USD 8.92 - 105.69/pcs
Материалы для широкоформатных принтеров и плоттеров
USD 4.88 - 44.82/pcs
Описание:Пленка полиэстровая, термостабилизированная, самоклеющаяся под форму и под декель для офсетных машин всех типов. Ширина рулонов 1,30м. Может быть нарезана на листы требуемого размераВНИМАНИЕ: В 2016 году фирма Folex начала продажи новых поддекельных полотен H-48, которые после реализации остатков H-45 полностью заменят этот материал.Характеристика, параметр: Толщина 0,04 мм - 0,20 ммПроизводитель: FolexТип печати: Не выбраноТип чернил: Не выбраноПрименение: Материалы для офсетного производстваМатериал: Самоклеящиеся материалы, Поддекельные полотна
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Home and office supplies, Advertising and printing, Packaging & Office Russia, Оболенский пер., д. 10

Our company was established and registered in Moscow in 1992.

In 1994, our company began working in the printing market. We sell wholesale and retail matte and transparent film for laser printers from Folex (Switzerland).

In 1995, our company became an authorized dealer of Folex.

In 1996, our company expands the range of products offered. Now in our price list are films for laser and inkjet printers, copiers, mounting films (astrolon) from Folex.

In 1997, our company tested a large number of films from various manufacturers. Among them are such well-known companies as 3M, HP, Policrom screen (LM), as well as MAP films produced in Russia.

1997 year. This year, our company became the No. 2 dealer of Folex in Russia. Starting this year, Folex supplies are delivered monthly. Since April of this year, we have been supplying satin tracing paper manufactured by Canson (France). Since September 1997, we have been offering our customers a matte film Kimolec White 90μm thick manufactured by KIMOTO.

November 1998 We survived the crisis of August-October 1998. Like many companies, we suffered financial losses during the crisis, sales of materials for inkjet printers decreased. But we managed to maintain our work style. As before, films in our company can be bought almost always.

According to the results of 1998, our company was recognized as the No. 1 dealer of Folex

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