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Консервы мясные (тушёнка).

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The manufacturer in Russia accepts orders for the production of canned meat at the request and recipe of the customer. Be sure to discuss with the partner the following aspects: - What kind of product we will make (from what meat, composition, quality, recipe, can volume); - What labels (if the partner provides his own label, then the design can be in any color, graphic image, and with the necessary logo. But the main data - strictly according to the technical regulations: GOST, manufacturer, shelf life, composition, nutritional and energy value); - What documents will be required for implementation. We supply canned food in boxes. Each box contains 36 cans (325g). One 20-ton truck holds 50,004 cans of 325g each (1389 boxes). We have the lowest prices, For example, "Stewed beef, highest grade GOST, 82% filling with meat (large lump and only meat, fat, salt and spices)" wholesale costs about 120 rubles per can (2017). Our price is 77 rubles (2017). Terms of delivery - pickup from a warehouse in Kazan. We invite you to contact us by e-mail. Other information is available on the resource

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