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Machine for the production of a chain-link netting machine Maximum width of a roll at the exit - 6 m; Wire diameter for work - 1.6-4.5 mm; Mesh cell dimensions - 25-100 mm; Power - 9.05 kW; Control - servo-driven; Productivity: 52-120 m2 / hour; Complete set: machine for making mesh, control cabinet (marking in English), screw (screw pair) for cell size 50 * 50 - 2 pieces; rewinder for finished products, device for bending the ends of both sides.
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Monobasic barbed wire GOST 286-69 Ø base wire 2.8 mm, zinc coating 80 g / m2. Ø wire for barbed wire 2.0 mm, zinc coating 60 g / m2. The distance between the spikes is about 75 mm. Weight of 1m barbed wire 87-90g. Coil weight 35-50kg. Double-core barbed wire for warp wires: 1.5-2.8 mm Ø for barbed wires: 1.4-2.5 mm Distance between barbed wires 60-150 mm Lay length m should be 1.4 s; 1.85s or 2.33s Motk and weighing 9-30kg.
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The maximum height of the netting of a wicker chain-link is 4 m. The size of the cell is from 10 mm to 100 mm. You can buy a net-netting from us with the following characteristics: • diameter 1.2 - 6 mm; • corresponds to TU U-322-288-11 -95, TU 14-4-1788-96, or GOST 5336-80; • at the ends it is packed with paper or polyethylene and tied cross to a cross; • the ends of the spirals are bent or twisted in the form of thorns along the upper part. mesh netting with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), • mesh netting, galvanized with polyvinyl chloride.
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Egoza is a spiral safety barrier made of ACL. AKL - Reinforced barbed tape. Consists of a tape with double-edged knife-spikes of various lengths and shapes stamped on both sides. The barbed tape is rolled onto a steel core. High-carbon galvanized wire is used as a core. Materials used for the manufacture of reinforced barbed tape galvanized steel tape 0.5 ± 0.05 mm, GOST R 52246-04; galvanized wire without t / o 2.5 mm ± 0.1 mm, GOST 9850-72 or GOST 3282-74; cold-smoked galvanized metal for fastening staples.
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The olinas company specializes in the production and sale of metal mesh and the completion of construction sites with rolled metal ....

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