Health Rising

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Health Rising
USD 11.36/pcs 11.36
According to medical statistics, various sleep disorders are found in the majority of the adult population of the Earth. There can be many reasons for this ailment: bad habits, taking certain medications, emotional stress, unhealthy diet, various external factors. RelaxSleep capsules will help you cope with insomnia and ensure a healthy and full sleep. RelaxSleep capsules contain valuable, healing herbs that Since ancient times, oriental healers have been used for a calm and deep sleep and for the benefit of the whole body. Basic actions: Promotes easy sleep; Improves the quality of sleep and its duration; Allows you to fully sleep and rest; Has a mild sedative effect; Helps to cope with increased nervous excitability, worry and anxiety.
Health Rising
USD 11.83/pcs 11.83
With age, the human body malfunctions, both the elderly and young people have problems with joints and bones, such as: inflammatory joint disease (arthritis), age-related deformity of the joints (arthrosis), decreased bone density (osteoporosis), deterioration of cartilage, injuries, dislocations, cracks and fractures of bones, etc. occur. Capsules "ArtroSila" will help to improve and improve the condition of joints and bones, strengthen and restore bone and muscle tissue. Capsules "ArtroSila" are created on the basis of modern scientific and technological methods of processing, using herbal herbs, fruits and seeds, traditional recipes of oriental medicine. Their purpose was known by ancient oriental healers, who used unconventional methods for the health of joints and bones. Basic actions: helps to relieve inflammation, edema and joint stiffness; increases the elasticity of muscle tissue; improves the production of synovial fluid; promotes the processes of natural renewal and restoration of cartilaginous tissue; helps to restore the functions of the musculoskeletal system in case of degenerative-dystrophic changes; helps to relieve concomitant syndromes in the musculoskeletal system experiencing the greatest physical stress, thereby reducing discomfort of movement; leads to normal general condition of the body, slows down the aging process. Øincreases the formation of bone trabeculae, stimulating fusion and increasing bone density;
Health Rising
USD 8.28/pcs 8.28
Casanova capsules are created on the basis of the latest developments and modern scientific and technical methods of processing, using herbal herbs and traditional recipes of oriental medicine, secretly passed down from generation to generation for millennia. Their use can improve sexual performance, activity and stamina. Contribute to the improvement and restoration of the sexual function of men. Casanova capsules also have the function of rejuvenating and regenerating cells, improves overall well-being, and have a tonic and tonic effect. They help to increase immunity and restore the body's defenses. Description of action: increase and restore potency; accelerate and increased erection; prolongation of intercourse up to 40 - 60 minutes; powerful ejaculation with a duration of ejaculation up to 10-12 seconds; improves spermatogenesis, increases sperm quantity and quality; normalizes testosterone levels; increases the size and density of the male genital organ; eliminate the symptoms of inflammation of the prostate gland - frequent urination, urinary incontinence, discomfort in the groin area, etc. with prolonged use strengthens the general condition of the body, increases immunity . reduces fatigue and allows you to quickly restore physical strength;
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Health and beauty, Medical products Kazakhstan, ул. Макатаева. д. 127-9

Компания «Health Rising» начала свою деятельность на рынке Казахстана и СНГ по продажам высококачественных биологически активных добавок в 2011году. На сегодняшний день – это динамично развивающаяся компания, которая ставит перед собой высокие цели и достигает новые вершины в совершенствовании собственных возможностей. Головной офис и складские помещения находятся в г. Алматы. За годы работы на рынке компания завоевала репутацию ответственного и надежного партнера, обеспечивая непревзойдённое качество продукции и обслуживание клиентов.

Мы продаем только натуральные, высококачественные биологически активные добавки. Компания работает для разной аудитории. Наша цель сделать жизнь людей здоровее, счастливее и успешнее. Мы проявляем высокий уровень заботы и внимания к каждому покупателю, честно и открыто ведем диалог. Наша компания – это команда единомышленников! И самое главное – мы СЕМЬЯ, в которой все придерживаются правил честности, открытости, дружелюбия и заботы. У нас только проверенные временем и делом добавки, имеющие все сертификаты, с использованием растительных трав и традиционных рецептов восточной медицины.

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