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Mask wholesale from 10,000 pieces
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gel gloves
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Nitrile vinyl unsterile (medical) gloves
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1. Non-contact body temperature thermometer 2. Disposable medical masks (blue, charcoal, black) 3. Protective respirator half mask with exhalation valve / without valve 4. Reusable hygienic mask 5. Disposable gloves for medical / non-medical (latex, vinyl) 6. Household rubber gloves (gel, latex)
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We would like to inform you that we have the opportunity to carry out a comprehensive supply of antiseptic and disinfectants and protective equipment to your facility, in the following positions: 1. Antiseptic for hands (without alcohol / with sprinkle) 2. Antiseptic for hands. Children's series. (Without alcohol) 3. Disinfectant 4. Non-contact thermometer for measuring body temperature 5. Disposable medical masks (blue, charcoal, black) 6. Protective half mask respirator with exhalation valve / without valve 7. Reusable hygienic mask 8. Disposable medical / non-medical gloves (latex, vinyl) 9. Rubber household gloves (gel, latex) We also have the ability to supply household and household goods. The advantages of working with us: accuracy and speed of order fulfillment, product quality, as well as a reasonable price for the goods. If you need help in choosing a particular product, please contact.

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