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This set is specially designed for quality car care.
Consists of 2 things:

1) Durable terry toweling towel for car interior and body care. Inside the cabin, when dry, it collects dust from the panel well and, having an antistatic effect, does not sit on the panel for a long time. When wet, removes stains even from seats. Outside, it perfectly absorbs moisture after rain, dew, washing and removes stubborn dirt. Can be used as a "dry-cleaner" immediately after planting any stain on the clothes (soak and rub for 5 minutes, turning over).

2) Cloth for auto glass, thin, smooth, slightly corrugated, designed for polishing glasses, headlights and mirrors without leaving streaks and lint. Ideally removes insect residues, poplar buds, reagent liquid, smoking glare, etc. These wipes do not require the use of auto chemistry, because the unique microfiber structure has high absorbency and cleaning properties.

Care: Washable by hand or in a machine at t up to 50C with any "COLOR" powders. do not use bleaches or conditioners. Do not dry on batteries.
Color: gray

Production: Protex microfiber Sweden

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