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Super is a universal towel made of durable terry weave for car interior and car body care. Inside the passenger compartment, when dry, it collects dust from the panel well and, having an antistatic effect, does not sit on the panel for a long time. When wet, it perfectly absorbs moisture after rain, dew, washing, and the corrugated corner removes stubborn dirt (traces of insects, poplar buds, etc.). Can be used as a "dry-cleaner" immediately after the stain has been planted on clothes (soak and rub for 5 minutes, turning over). Care: wash in a machine separately from laundry with Color powder at t 40C. Do not use bleaches, conditioners, do not boil, do not iron, do not dry on batteries. Density 380g / m2. Service life: 3-5 years Color: gray Size: 45x65 cm Production: Sweden
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Towel - 56702

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