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Milk Products, Grocery, Coffee and Tea, Flour & Grains, Confectionery, Macaroni, Nut butter, ECO, Sugar, Minerals Kazakhstan, 23-15

Respectable partners! We are pleased to offer you a wide range of food products for the department of healthy nutrition, diabetes, various industries, bakeries and look forward to a long-term, mutually beneficial cooperation! The company "HEALTHY FOOD" specializes in the supply, as well as the production of functional foods, for a healthy and happy life for the whole family. In our huge assortment, you can always find rare on the market and so important for our health, whole-grain, gluten-free foods, “smart breakfasts”, “healthy” sweets, sweets, therapeutic and preventive nutrition for adults and children from the first days of life, more than 12 types of Narine-Forte bio-products that restore the entire intestinal microflora, where more than 70% of our immunity is concentrated. And also, you will be surprised by scarce unrefined oils (sunflower, linseed, etc. packaged in bottles and barrels), a lot of different healthy seeds, nut pastes, urbeche, pecmeses, sweeteners, “healing” bread without yeast, flour, sprouted wheat, rye and more. This year, we launched our own line for the production of yeast, whole grain bread and natural juice from sprouted wheat, rye, and organic chocolate from the Smart Sweets series (100% ORGANICRAW / VEGAN). We offer you food products of the highest quality, at wholesale prices. Sincerely, FE HEALTHY FOOD

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