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USD 51.83/pcs 51.83
A spacious waterproof bag for sports and water activities. The bag is made of dense (650 den) material - polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which does not allow water to pass through. The bag will protect expensive equipment and personal belongings from getting wet and mechanical damage. Also in the bag you can carry and store wet equipment for diving and other water sports. The presence of a special valve allows you to get rid of the water left by wet equipment. The top has a handy mesh pocket. Comfortable and durable handles allow you to transport the bag in any position. The bag also has two detachable straps. Bag capacity 100 l.
USD 19.82/pcs 19.82
Sports bag-backpack. The main feature of the bag is that the backpack straps are hidden in the hidden compartment, which, if desired, can easily turn the bag into a backpack and vice versa. The bag has one main compartment, a shoe compartment and auxiliary compartments on the sides. There are several carrying handles on top, as well as a shoulder strap. The bottom is dense. The volume of the bag is 30 liters.The bag is designed both for carrying sports items for training and for traveling.Suitable for men and women.Size 48x25x25
USD 13.72/pcs 13.72
Snorkel with bottom and top valve. The bottom valve allows for quick and comfortable removal of water trapped in the snorkel. The top valve prevents water from entering the snorkel when diving.The anatomical mouthpiece is made of high quality soft silicone.The corrugated middle part is also made of silicone.The snorkel has a quick-release mask mount.
USD 13.72/pcs 13.72
PANORAMIC mask Four-glass mask with a panoramic view. The field of view is not fragmented and glass joints are not visible to the user. The side and front windows are connected to each other. Design without plastic edges at the corners of the mask. Uninterrupted panoramic view. Mask for diving and spearfishing..
USD 13.72/pcs 13.72
A mask with a small mask space and a wide field of view. The mask holders are foldable and therefore take up little space. Mask for diving and spearfishing. Tempered glass.
USD 13.72/pcs 13.72
A spacious bag for travel or for sports. For a wholesale price, please request a wholesale price. The frame is soft, made of high-quality durable polyester, which is easy to clean. Outside has one compartment with a zipper. On the side walls are two mesh pockets for small items. Inside there is an additional small zippered pocket. Inside lining material. Sling strap with length adjustment included.
USD 17.53/pcs 17.53
Backpack 20 liters. The model has one main compartment with a zipper, an additional compartment with a zipper on the front wall, two pockets made of mesh for water bottles on the sides. Padded, ribbed shoulder straps are adjustable in length. The back of the backpack has a special embossed surface that provides a comfortable fit to the back and air circulation. Inside lining material. Size 15cm*30cm*45cm
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The company is engaged in the sale of goods for water sports, scuba diving, diving, spearfishing. We supply masks, snorkels, dry bags and dry bags in medium and large sizes. We also sell men's and women's bags and backpacks for fitness and travel, urban backpacks.

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