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USD 214.18/pcs 214.18
A unique transforming chair will become a multifunctional and practical piece of furniture. The original design solution makes the product exclusive and ultra-modern. Comfortable seating, comfortable and pleasant upholstery, a wooden mini-table with a bedside table, and high white legs make this design an ideal solution for use in modern offices, beauty salons, waiting rooms. Looking for a unique chair for your home? The model will fit into any interior and will become its practical and stylish addition. Presentability, versatility and practicality - exactly what you need!
USD 644.05/pcs 644.05
An exclusive and non-standard designer chair will become a highlight of the interior. Unusual and at the same time versatile design is the best idea for people with a good sense of style and taste. This model will undoubtedly become an indispensable item in a beauty salon, modern office, cafe or restaurant. Interesting colors, original wooden legs and the absence of unnecessary details make the chair unique in its kind and inimitable piece of furniture. In addition, exclusive things always look expensive and allow you to place the necessary accents when designing a room. Forget about boring chairs of standard shapes, because originality suits you so much!
USD 891.77/pcs 891.77
An eye-catching designer sofa will fit into the style of any space, both commercial and residential. The extraordinary design of this model will appeal to extravagant and at the same time practical individuals. The main difference between the model is the same height of the back and armrests. The seat and back of the product are a relief surface, which gives the sofa originality and solidity. Thanks to the universal color shades and the classic style of execution, the sofa will become a harmonious addition to any style of interior. The wooden frame of the model, combined with conservative legs, provides elegance and luxury.
USD 624.24/pcs 624.24
KAEF Armchair
USD 1070.12/pcs 1070.12
Space sofas. Dimensions: 1000*890*770 1600*890*770 1120*890*770
USD 374.54/pcs 374.54
Chair. Plywood.
USD 1426.83/pcs 1426.83
Sofa with high back.Dimensions: 108*90*116 175*90*116
USD 936.36/pcs 936.36
Armchair with dimensions 1200*1030*730
USD 790.7/pcs 790.7
Armchair with dimensions 900*840*740
USD 728.28/pcs 728.28
Practical armchair with dimensions 680*590*730.
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The company has been working with non-standard furniture for the corporate sector for more than 10 years. The production is equipped with personnel and equipment for the production of upholstered, non-serial cabinet furniture made of metal, artificial stone, veneer, natural wood. In order to be a generalist and be in the wake of business realities, production is constantly updating its technical base. The company is in a constant process of improvement and introduces new methods of production and processing of various materials. Our furniture can be seen in educational institutions, business centers, banks and many other organizations throughout the country. Turnkey furnishing of workplaces and recreation areas, creation of individual projects of any complexity is one of the specializations.

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