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USD 1089.94/pcs 1089.94
Д*Г*В 3000*1600*760
USD 336.89/pcs 336.89
Д*Г*В 600*580*910 1200*580*910
USD 289.63/pcs 289.63
Д*Г*В 615*700*720
USD 365.85/pcs 365.85
Д*Г*В 600*600*800
USD 274.39/pcs 274.39
Д*Г*В 630*695*800
USD 277.44/pcs 277.44
Д*Г*В 900*780*700 1400*780*700 1900*780*700
USD 503.05/pcs 503.05
Д*Г*В 900*780*700 1400*780*700 1900*780*700
USD 503.05/pcs 503.05
Д*Г*В 820*850*750 1520*850*750 1920*850*750 820*850*1290 1520*850*1290 1920*850*1290
USD 579.27/pcs 579.27
700*700*1450 1400*700*1450 1900*700*1450
USD 518.29/pcs 518.29
The back of the model has smooth curves that give a pleasant feeling while relaxing. Solid armrests give a feeling of comfort. Slim but very strong legs complete this symphony of style.
USD 594.51/pcs 594.51
The sofa seat frame has an ergonomic and orthopedic effect due to the use of elastic straps. The soft element of the seat is made using two types of polyurethane foam and synthetic winterizer. Thin polyurethane foam and synthetic winterizer for softness and relief.
USD 503.05/pcs 503.05
750*840*910 1200*840*910 1770*840*910
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Furniture, Office furniture, Furniture and equipment for preschool institutions, Cabinet furniture, Furniture for home Russia

The company has been working with non-standard furniture for the corporate sector for more than 10 years. The production is equipped with personnel and equipment for the production of upholstered, non-serial cabinet furniture made of metal, artificial stone, veneer, natural wood. In order to be a generalist and be in the wake of business realities, production is constantly updating its technical base. The company is in a constant process of improvement and introduces new methods of production and processing of various materials. Our furniture can be seen in educational institutions, business centers, banks and many other organizations throughout the country. Turnkey furnishing of workplaces and recreation areas, creation of individual projects of any complexity is one of the specializations.

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