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USD 3.55/pcs 3.55
A roller made of natural wood shavings is used for relaxation, massage, fitness and yoga, and aromatization of rooms. The problem of daily fatigue is increasingly pursuing a modern person, and because of the monotonous daily work, the neck, back and legs become numb. With the help of a roller, you can reduce or completely remove the negative and painful sensations accumulated during the day. Put the roller under the neck, lower back or legs and the massage effect will pleasantly surprise you. In addition, the healing aroma of wood shavings will help restore healthy sleep and tranquility. Stuffing our rollers is only shavings of trees and grass, they do not have dusty production waste. Also, our rollers have a VERY dense padding, so they are always popular among fitness and yoga practitioners. Rollers stuffed with different types of chips affect the body in different ways and differ in aromas. Choose the best for yourself. At the moment, rollers are made from shavings of fir, pine, spruce, birch, aspen and juniper. The price is excluding customs costs and delivery.
USD 3.27/pcs 3.27
Fragrant chip pillow for a relaxing break and sleep. We stuff pillows with fir, pine, spruce, birch, aspen and juniper shavings. Stuffing our pillows is only shavings of trees and grass, they do not have dust production waste. A mattress made of a dense, natural material eliminates chip spillage through the fabric fibers. The main buyers of our pillows are souvenir and gift shops, fitness centers, eco-shops, bio-products shops, home and sleep goods stores, and bath and sauna products. The price is excluding customs costs and delivery.
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