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During swimming, Muslim men usually have a problem with an overt aura. Aurat - the area of the body from the navel to the knees inclusive, which should be covered. An open aurat gives a man moral discomfort.

Today, in many countries, Muslim practitioners use long shorts that cover their knees but fall from the waist, and eventually open the navel. We offer special swimming shorts that reliably cover aurat both in water and on land.

Muslim swimming shorts consist of two shorts attached to each other: outer - Bermuda and inner - leggings. Leggings have a special belt that comfortably fits the abdomen and is extended to the area below the knees. Thus, the aurat is completely covered in movement in water and on land. The fabric of leggings contains strands of elastane (20%) and nylon (80%), so that it fits nicely to the body and dries quickly. Leggings are worn in Bermuda shorts.

Bermuda - bright, wide and voluminous, reaching the knees. Cloak fabric (100% polyester) allows the shorts to dry quickly and not fit the body. On the right there is a convenient pocket with a zipper. In the codpiece there is a zipper that reliably covers an intimate place.

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