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The purest steatite from the bowels of our earth, which has lain in it for millions of years, is ready to please with its cold or heat (for example, for mulled wine, whiskey and other drinks). The chemical stability of the stone is exceptionally high. It does not convey any taste or smell and is environmentally friendly. The size of the stone is 20×20×20mm., smooth geometry, 90° angles. With their help, you can cool not only strong drinks, but also ordinary non-alcoholic drinks (juice, lemonade, etc.). In turn, heated stones, due to their high heat capacity, allow you to maintain the temperature of hot drinks such as coffee, tea, mulled wine. So that steatite remains warm for 60 minutes, it only takes 5 minutes to spend in hot water. The same property applies to cold. Whiskey stone is used to replace ice, which makes it possible to bring the whiskey to the optimum temperature of -17-18 without changing its composition and taste. THE QUALITY IS GREAT.
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Stone mining is carried out in an ecologically clean area, in the Republic of Karelia. The hardness and durability of soapstone can be compared with high-end marble. This stone is non-porous, stain resistant and limits the ability of germs and bacteria to penetrate the surface, enhancing its hygienic properties. The chemical resistance of the tiles is exceptionally high. Resistant to acids and alkalis, does not burn and does not melt at temperatures up to 1600 ° C, and also has the ability to absorb heat, retain it and radiate it. These properties make it an excellent material for making wood stoves. The stove heats up and radiates heat into the room, keeping the coals hot for a long time. Tiles can be installed vertically, laid out horizontally on the walls of the shower, bath, sauna. It is well suited for bathroom flooring due to its water resistance and high adhesion. Since soapstone has a low thermal conductivity, it is not as cold in winter as many other types of tile floors. Soapstone is used in the manufacture of fireplaces and stoves, our company can produce them. When used as a refractory brick, it can absorb a large amount of heat and radiate gently for hours.
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Our company is a manufacturer of heat-saving tiles made of soapstone stone for stoves, baths, saunas. The tile is tumbled, polished, random. We also produce whiskey stones from steatite stone, for cooling drinks or heating them. We work on Italian equipment.

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