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USD 7.1/pcs 7.1
Dresses from a staple, production of Guangzhou, does not fade, does not shrink, sizes standard 42-48, model BELL, buttons working, no extra charge, only service 5-10%, minimum order 300-500 $, Delivery across the CIS, we guarantee honesty, Ayzhamal ...
USD 14.2/pcs 14.2
Women's clothing, dresses, T-shirts, trousers, deuces, etc. minimum order $ 500, services 5%, no extra charge, online purchase, we guarantee honesty, delivery time on time ...
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Women's clothing, Women's homewear, High quality women's clothing, Women's sportswear, Casual dresses, Men's clothing, Верхняя женская одежда Kyrgyzstan

Women's clothing, made in Guangzhou, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan Sending all over the CIS, no extra charge ... minimum% for the service, we guarantee honesty, more than 5 years on the market ...

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